It's Good To Take Chances.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Rick takes Caroline to Forrester Creations, Maya worries to Dayzee about Rick's whereabouts, and Hope and Wyatt congratulate each other.

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In the car, Caroline and Rick kiss. He gives her a hint that he's taking her someplace that's important to them. She guesses Paris and the Maldives, but Rick directs the driver to Forrester Creations. As she rambles about ideas for the Spring line, Rick stops her to tell her she is complex and confusing but he loves her. He feels it now more than ever. They kiss. When they park, Caroline notes that it's the same spot she pulled up to when she first arrived in L.A. Rick talks about first instincts and how mesmerized he was watching her emerge from the car back then. He gets out and tells her to count to ten, and then follow. He stands where he first saw her. She gets out and walks toward him the same way she did then. Rick gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. Caroline tears up. He proposes. She accepts tearfully. He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Hope notices Maya at the boutique and says Rick should be back soon. They talk about how much they miss Maya, and Maya misses working on the line. Hope gets pulled away and two girls asks Maya for her autograph. They hope she returns to model for HFTF. Nearby, Hope tells Wyatt they are running out of inventory - it's amazing! She calls him a genius. Dayzee arrives and says she told Marcus she'd send him pictures in South Africa. Hope and Wyatt walk off and Maya tells Dayzee she doesn't know where Rick has gone. Dayzee has a quick video chat with Marcus. Maya is frantic to find out where Rick has taken Caroline. Meanwhile, Hope and Wyatt congratulate each other some more. He remarks that it's good to take chances in life. They share a champagne toast in front of the diamond. He thinks the line will completely sell out. Hope credits the power of the diamond. Wyatt says if the people weren't there he would kiss her right now. He vows to wait for her to get over Liam. Across the room, Maya tells Dayzee she feels she's made a huge mistake. She's not sure she'll ever get over Rick. Dayzee says Carter will be hurt, but it's better he knows now. Wyatt realizes Maya is waiting for Rick, and tells Hope he doesn't think he'll be back today. Hope goes over and tells Maya Rick's not coming back.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Liam question each other's decisions.

One couple plans for their future.

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