Watch It Like A Goat.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Maya admits her doubts to Dayzee, Rick takes Caroline on a ride, and Wyatt vows to win Hope over.

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Rick tells Eric and Hope that people are lined up outside the boutique. Eric asks Hope about doing the big reveal. She tells him her wedding is off. She and Rick explain about the Steffy video. Nearby, Wyatt and Quinn take the diamond from the security guard and place it on the display. Charlie the security guy says he'll watch it like a goat - they have excellent vision. Wyatt looks over at Hope and talks to Quinn about the video Liam made Steffy. He realizes by the look on her face that Quinn emailed it to Hope, and exclaims, "Mom!" She shushes him. "Hope deserved to know." Wyatt agrees, but tells her never to do anything like that again. Hope approaches. Quinn leaves them together. Hope joins Rick and Eric, who has asked Rick if he's over Maya. It's time to open, so Rick makes a brief speech and the people are let in. Rick makes another speech to the press and introduces the main players of HFTF. Hope and Wyatt reveal the diamond. Thea Andrews asks why the diamond isn't behind glass and wonders if the rock is giving Rick Forrester any ideas... After, Thea asks Hope about the possibilities of two weddings in the family and notices she's not wearing her ring. Hope deflects. Eric watches, and tells Rick he's proud of him and Caroline. Rick steps aside and takes a jewelry pouch from a man and then tells Caroline to come with him. Wyatt puts the diamond on Hope's neck for a photo and gets her to smile.

In her apartment, Maya fondly recalls happy days with Rick. Dayzee arrives asking about wedding plans. Maya admits to Dayzee that she can't stop thinking about Rick. She talks about how she should be a part of the Hope For The Future line. Dayzee asks, "And a part of Rick's future?" She wonders if Maya's having second thoughts. Maya talks about everything that's happened to her since she came to town. She admits she feels differently about Rick than Carter - she misses the way Rick looked at her; the way he's probably looking at Caroline. Dayzee says he seems to be happy with Caroline, but there's only one way to know for sure.

Maya arrives at the boutique and Eric greets her. She asks for Rick. Eric says he just left with Caroline but should be back. Nearby, Wyatt tells Hope he'll win her over. "Hope for the future? You're looking at it."

Rick and Caroline get in the car behind the boutique. He tells her this will be a ride she'll never forget.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dayzee and Maya discuss her situation.

Someone proposes.

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