Climb With Me.

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Liam and Hope have it out, Bill wants to share an experience with Brooke, and Maya can't keep her mind on her fiance.

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In the cabin, Liam tells Hope to put the ring back on. She says he really doesn't understand what he's done. Liam angrily tells Hope he can be committed to her and still have memories. "You have to stop treating me like I have to be perfect for you!" He rants about her running to her brother instead of working it out with him. Hope cries. Liam tells Hope to leave with him. Wyatt says Liam is acting like a caveman. "Let her speak." Hope screams that it's not okay to send videos to your ex-wife. "You still cannot let her go." Liam insists he did it to give Steffy closure. Hope thinks maybe a part of him hopes Steffy will return. Liam asks for the ring and tries to put it back on her finger. She won't let him. Hope says there's nothing left to say and leaves. Liam accuses Wyatt of sending the email. Wyatt denies it and scoffs at Liam wanting to deflect the blame. Liam says it happened backstage at Forrester. Wyatt denies it again, and says when he gets engaged to Hope he won't treat her like Liam did. Liam shouts that it will never happen on his watch!

In Brooke's living room, Bill tells her the gear is for their new hobby. They smile and kiss. Bill tells Brooke they'll start training in mountain-climbing and then take a trip to Aspen. Talk turns to Katie. Bill wants Brooke to stop agonizing over what she may or may not be doing. "Come to Aspen with me." He goes on about needing a woman to share his adventures with, and Brooke says that's who Katie wanted to be. Bill says Katie's not like them. "Climb with me." Brooke says she can't wait. They kiss. Hope arrives and Brooke explains they're planning to climb a mountain. Hope says Liam found her with Wyatt and she gave his ring back.

In the outdoor cafe, Caroline and Rick discuss Liam. She's glad Rick can let go of his past easier than her cousin. Carter and Maya arrive. Maya spots Rick and Caroline kissing. Carter asks her about setting a wedding date and realizes she's not listening. Once they order, Carter presses to set a date as Maya repeatedly glances over at Rick's table. Caroline and Rick talk about business and her distinctive personality. Rick wouldn't change anything about her. At Carter and Maya's table, he finally clues in that she's watching Rick. Carter stands up. "Let's get out of here." Rick spots them and greetings are exchanged. After, Maya tells Carter she's fine, but she's not.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric and Rick host a diamond viewing event.

Wyatt finds out the truth about Liam's situation.

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