Monday, October 14th, 2013

Bill decides he wants to refocus, Hope gives in to her feelings for Wyatt, and Liam confronts Wyatt and Hope.

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In the cabin, Hope has pocketed her ring and is kissing Wyatt. He assures her there will never be anyone but her for him. Wyatt says she can start a new life with someone who loves only her. He wants to know she understands he's there for only her. Hope kisses him.

At Spencer Publications, Katie and Bill bicker about the board meeting. She feels he's treating her with total disrespect and wonders how it came to this. Bill says she's going to bring this company down and he doesn't want to see her go through that. She plans to prove him wrong. Bill tells her she's on her own. Later, Danielle brings Will in and tells Katie she's proud of her. Katie is still upset about Will having a broken home. She says she knows who's to blame... Katie tells Danielle she looks at Will and knows how much she's lost.

In Brooke's living room she bickers with Liam about the video. He says Hope is his future and Steffy is his past. Brooke lectures that the video must have had an impact on Steffy. Liam says it was for closure. Brooke thinks Liam should give Hope space. Bill arrives and gets up to speed. Brooke finally tells Liam that Hope's at the cabin, but says she's with Wyatt. Liam rants. He thinks Wyatt sent Hope the video. After, Bill tells Brooke that Hope will have to choose. Brooke asks about the board meeting. Bill says Katie asked him to leave. Brooke asks if he was being disruptive. He shrugs that he was giving his opinion. He says Katie can run the company into the ground, he's out. Bill wants to refocus with Brooke. They kiss, and Brooke asks what he has in mind. Bill has her close her eyes - he'll be right back. He reappears with what looks like mountain-climbing gear - their new hobby. Brooke's speechless.

Liam arrives at the cabin and sees Hope making out with Wyatt. She's breathless when they finally pull apart and notices Liam. Things get tense between Liam and Wyatt, and Liam asks about Hope's ring. She says she took it off. They all argue about the video. Hope tells Liam that Wyatt didn't send it and that him reconnecting with Steffy was unacceptable. Liam says he won't let Wyatt or anyone get between them.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick and Caroline wind up at the same place as Carter and Maya.

Liam's determined to fight for what is his.

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