Four-Alarm Fire.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Hope and Liam argue about his Steffy video, Wyatt moons over Hope, and Brooke and Quinn discuss their children's love lives.

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At Bikini Bar, a drunken Wyatt chats to the bartender about holding a diamond worth $100,000,000 million in his hand that night and not even looking at it. Wyatt thinks about asking Hope to give him time and telling her he wanted to give her a huge diamond one day.

In Big Bear, Liam emerges from the bedroom to find Hope watching his video tribute to Steffy on her tablet. She asks if he knows what it is. He says he made it and fiddles around with the tablet, finding that the sender doesn't exist. Liam explains that Steffy saw Hope's video and asked for one too. Hope is perturbed that he did it. He shrugs that it was a favor. Hope says it was the woman he married. They end up bickering. Liam doesn't understand the problem - Steffy just wanted a keepsake. Hope says she could have made it herself. She wonders if Liam's ever said no to her. They argue over whether Steffy sent the email. Hope says even now, Steffy is a factor in their relationship - nothing's changed. She tells Liam it's the machinery behind the video that's a four-alarm fire. She thinks the message is that Steffy can have him back when she wants him. Liam insists that Steffy's gone, but Hope's not buying it. She won't ignore the warning signs yet again. Hope leaves.

Pam and Eric are chatting in the Forrester corridor when they come upon Quinn on the phone trying to track down Wyatt. As Pam mans the phones, Brooke arrives with flowers. She hands a bouquet to Quinn, for her and Wyatt being such an asset. When Eric and Pam step away, Brooke tells Quinn she realizes she thinks Hope's making a terrible mistake. Quinn replies that she hasn't made it yet. Brooke muses that Wyatt must have been hoping it would be his and Hope's night, but it turned out to be her and Liam's night. Quinn remarks that Liam is passive - saying yes to everyone. Brooke sighs. She knows Quinn is disappointed on Wyatt's behalf, but doesn't think she can do anything about it. Brooke broaches the idea of them becoming friends. They share a laugh about Bill. Quinn shares how all Wyatt wanted to do when he was little was count the money in her studio. She adds that she genuinely wants Hope to be happy. Brooke takes a call from Hope saying she's coming back alone. Brooke tells Quinn.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope gets advice from her mother about Wyatt and Liam.

Bill talks to Liam about his relationship.

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