You Won't Be Disappointed.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Liam and Hope plan their wedding, Eric celebrates with Rick and Caroline, and Wyatt bonds with Oliver over Hope.

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At Big Bear, Hope and Liam plan their wedding. They agree nothing will stop them this time. Liam talks about a surprise honeymoon. "You won't be disappointed." Hope says he's right about that; she'll be married to him. They kiss. They discuss Wyatt. Liam teasingly accuses her of encouraging him. She giggles that a woman likes being paid attention to. They talk about the past triangle with Steffy. Hope says now, nobody could question how devoted he is to starting their life together. She loves the video he made her. Liam is happy they're finally putting all the misunderstanding and sadness behind them.

At Forrester, Quinn wrestles with the idea of sending the Steffy video to Hope. She muses, "Hope would want to know." Pam appears. She notices Quinn was emailing Hope and says the internet can be spotty at the cabin. Elsewhere, Eric has a toast with Rick and Caroline. "I'm so proud of you. Both of you." Eric is confident they'll make their sales goal. Rick notes he took a gamble on him, but Eric doesn't think it was much of a risk...not with Caroline by his side. Thorne appears. "Wow, champagne." Rick says there's a lot to celebrate. Thorne concedes that Rick has proven himself to be a very competent president. Eric's glad to hear him say that - he sees a bright future for Forrester. Once alone, Rick tells Caroline she's become a force in the company, and in his life. They kiss. In the other office, Quinn notes that her video email has gone through.

Oliver joins Wyatt at Bikini Bar. They chat about Forrester and down shots. Oliver says he's been there. Wyatt asks, "Mexico?" Oliver grins. "In love with Hope." He shows off his Chinese hope tattoo. They joke about Hope and Liam planning their seventeenth wedding at Big Bear. Wyatt recounts how Hope saw him naked up there. They swap stories on how close they've been with Hope. Oliver stuns Wyatt with his admission that he was accidentally with Hope's mom. Oliver tells the story. Wyatt guffaws and exclaims. Talk turns serious. Wyatt says he cares about Hope, and she cares about him too - just not enough to stop her from marrying Liam. They agree she's a difficult girl to let go. Oliver warns him not to get a tattoo, and leaves.

At Big Bear, Liam goes to make a phone call in the bedroom. Hope urges him to get naked in bed and call her when she can join him. Hope then checks her email. She opens the video attachment and watches the Steffy and Liam montage with dismay.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope is devastated by the anonymous email.

Quinn discovers that her plan to come between Hope and Liam is working.

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