Don't Screw It Up.

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Donna reacts to Bill and Brooke's news, Quinn sends an email from Liam's tablet, and Hope and Liam make plans.

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Backstage at the Forrester fashion show, Quinn looks at the video Liam made for Steffy on a tablet. Out front, the crowd applauds as the show concludes and Caroline is introduced. Backstage, Oliver tells Quinn that Eric is looking for her. Quinn thanks him and looks at the tablet screen which says 'email sent'. Out front, the media asks Hope about the diamond. She credits Wyatt. He and Caroline answer questions. Hope brings Liam up to say they'll be getting married soon. They kiss for the cameras. Backstage, Jake high fives Oliver and Pam. Pam invites Quinn to join her for lemon bars later. Liam appears and confronts Quinn about making sure the fashion show was held today to ruin his wedding. He assures her they will be getting married. Quinn watches him retrieve his tablet and muses, "We'll see." Liam spots Eric and thanks him for helping him and Hope get away. Hope appears. Wyatt hears them talking about going to Big Bear to plan the wedding. Quinn joins him to dish about the fashion show. She realizes he's down about Hope, and says it's not over yet. Wyatt feels he can't compete with their history. Quinn looks at a photo of Steffy and Liam on her phone. Later, Hope lets Wyatt know if they'd met sooner, they might have had a chance, but she's committed to Liam. He leans in close and removes the diamond from her neck. He says Liam's lucky - he hopes he deserves her. Liam appears. He and Hope leave. Quinn watches. "Two-timer. Hope will be done with you when she sees your little video."

In Brooke's living room, she confirms to a stunned Donna that she and Bill are engaged. Bill enters as Brooke explains that she and Bill are keeping it to themselves since he's still married to Katie. Bill assures Donna this is happening. Donna's worried about Katie. Brooke hopes Katie and Donna will accept their relationship. Donna says what they share seems special. "Don't screw it up." After, Bill tells Brooke that wasn't too bad. He muses that they need to find Donna a man. Brooke doesn't blame her for being concerned about Katie. Bill agrees they should be respectful of her. Brooke gets word that the fashion show went well and Hope and Liam are going to Big Bear. Bill says he likes Hope - she's part of Brooke.

Rick and Caroline make out in his office - her favorite way to celebrate. They rave about their success. She thinks her designs might have upstaged the diamond. "We totally pulled it off." Rick is proud. They make out again.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver and Wyatt discuss their situations with Hope.

Caroline and Rick plan for the future.

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