The Importance Of Timing.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Hope breaks bad news to Liam, Wyatt insists he won't pressure Hope, and Carter issues wedding invitations.

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In Malibu, Liam and Hope cuddle. She says she has something to tell him. He realizes it's something he's not going to like and says as long as it's not interfering with their wedding, it's all good. Hope cringes. She explains that Rick insisted on moving up the fashion show. Liam huffs that they should postpone it until they're back from their honeymoon. Hope explains the importance of timing. Liam asks who all was in the meeting and questions Wyatt and Quinn pushing this too. Hope reassures him they will have their wedding very soon. He tickles her. "You promise?" She giggles and they make love. After, Hope doesn't care if they're waiting for her. She likens how Liam feels about Wyatt to how she felt about Steffy. She says Wyatt can give her the Hope Diamond or the king's ransom, but her heart belongs to him.

Outside at Forrester, Quinn fondly recalls the meeting in Rick's office in which Hope was forced to postpone her wedding plans. Wyatt appears, noting she looks pleased with herself. Quinn says what happened was in everyone's best interest. Wyatt flashes to asking Hope not to marry Liam, and tells Quinn he won't push himself on Hope. Quinn mentions the power of the diamond. They realize they need Caroline and Hope to sign off on some changes. Quinn wonders if Hope is dealing with Liam.

In Rick's office, he meets with PR about the fashion show. As he ogles the diamond, Caroline slinks in. Rick dismisses his employees. He and Caroline kiss. She tells him his vision for the future is happening. He says they're doing it together. Caroline wonders about Maya. Rick spots Carter outside the door. He enters and says Maya is busy planning the wedding, which they're both invited to; they all need to get alone. Carter notices the diamond. Wyatt and Quinn walk in. Rick says Hope will be a bit late. Quinn whispers to Wyatt, "Maybe you should call her." Wyatt won't pressure her. She thinks Liam will give Hope grief about putting work before him - he's all about Liam. Quinn becomes stressed out about the show and the high stakes. They debate about Liam. Quinn mentions to Rick when Liam proposed to Hope on the runway during a fashion show, noting that all these years later they're still not married. "Makes ya wonder." Preparations for the fashion show kick into high gear. Rick gets Hope's voicemail again. "She should be here." Rick makes a speech about how pleased he is with everyone.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

It's time for the HFTF fashion show.

Hope prepares to present the diamond collection.

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