Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Donna and Pam bet on Liam's wedding, Quinn comes up with a plan, and Hope is disappointed by Rick's decision.

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At Forrester, Liam and Hope discuss her trip to Mexico. Liam asks if Wyatt came onto her. She says he was a gentleman. Talk turns to the amazing diamond. Hope is stoked to wear it in the fashion show. Liam says Steffy sent the digital signature, and they decide to get married at the Malibu house. They also agree on no Father Fontana. In Rick's office, he and Caroline discuss the diamond. She talks seductively about bringing it to his office after the fashion show. They kiss and cuddle in the chair. They enjoy their 'us' time and talk about what they missed when they were apart. After, they discuss whether to change the date of the fashion show. In the corridor, Pam and Donna check out the hot bodyguard and speculate whether he's married. Donna says, "Speaking of married men..." and they take bets on when Liam will marry Hope. They go find Liam and ask. He says they'll be wed soon. Pam offers to bake their wedding cake, leaving Liam momentarily speechless. Once they've secured invitations, Pam and Donna are told to keep their schedules open.

In the outdoor restaurant, Quinn expresses frustration that Wyatt is giving up on Hope. Wyatt says she's consistently insisted she wants Liam - he has to respect that and won't keep pushing himself on her like an obnoxious jerk. Quinn is proud that he's a gentleman, but doesn't think he should take himself out of the running. Wyatt scoffs that she's getting married in a few days! Quinn says Liam is rushing her into marriage because he can see their connection. She encourages Wyatt to give Hope a reason to fight that. Quinn asks about the trip. Wyatt says Hope 'gets' him and she was great with Ricardo. Quinn seems to twig on an idea. She asks if Hope and Liam have set a wedding date yet, and says they have to go see Rick and Caroline.

Wyatt and Quinn arrive in Rick's office and Quinn asks him about the date for the fashion show. She pushes to have it right away so the diamond will be a surprise. Hope enters and says the fashion show must wait until after her wedding. Rick tells Hope he's sorry, but this is how it has to be. Everyone else sides with him. Hope grudgingly agrees. Quinn hides a smile. Later, Quinn tells Hope taking a little more time before getting married might not be a bad thing. She says Wyatt loves her. Hope reiterates that she's committed to Liam. Quinn picks up the diamond and says it speaks to her - she can see the future - and she and Wyatt are fated. "Something magical beyond your wildest dreams."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam thinks Quinn and Wyatt are behind things going wrong.

Carter discusses his plans for his wedding with Rick and Caroline.

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