Great Memories.

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Hope receives a special gift from Liam, Wyatt and Hope return with the diamond, and Steffy asks Liam for a favor.

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On the Forrester jet, Hope and Wyatt marvel over Ricardo letting them bring the diamond back. Hope says he was convincing. Wyatt thinks if he was so convincing she wouldn't be marrying his brother. Hope gets an email from Liam with a video attachment - it's the tribute he made to their relationship. Hope phones Liam and tells him she loves the video. She has to go straight to Forrester, but will talk to him later.

Liam is at work and gets a message from Steffy saying she did the digital signature and the annulment is back on track. She tells him she got his email with the video tribute for Hope. She thought it was beautiful, and asks him to make one for her; a tribute to their marriage. He agrees and gets started. He reminisces and flashes to the good times. Once finished, he emails it to Steffy. "Great memories."

In Paris, Steffy watches the video tribute and seems emotional.

In the Forrester office, Quinn and Eric discuss Wyatt and Hope's trip to Mexico. Quinn points out that they spent the night, but Eric reminds her it was just business. In the corridor, Pam tells Donna that Wyatt and Hope are on their way back, but there's a third passenger on the jet. Pam wonders if it's a Mexican chef. Caroline and Rick arrive and they all join Eric and Quinn in the office. Quinn talks about the diamond. Pam asks if it's cursed and mentions a third person on the jet. Hope and Wyatt appear with a security guard carrying a case. The guard unlocks the case and Wyatt reveals the diamond. Everyone marvels - this isn't just any diamond. Quinn holds it. "It's cold." Wyatt says that's one of its unusual qualities. Donna wonders if someone will wear it at the fashion show. Eric says it will be displayed at the Forrester boutique. Pam asks if everyone is feeling peppier with it in the room. Wyatt muses that maybe it does have powers. Plans are made to get PR on board for the unveiling. Hope makes an impassioned speech thanking Quinn and Wyatt for shaking things up. She hugs Wyatt. Quinn beams. Outside the door, Liam arrives but is turned away by security. He texts Hope, who goes out to see him. Wyatt grimly notices them kissing and joking. The meeting breaks up and Eric thanks Quinn. Once alone, Wyatt tells Quinn he told Hope he loved her but she's still marrying Liam. Quinn clucks that they belong together, and it will happen. They look out at Hope and Liam.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn devises a plan for her family.

Rick delivers bad news to Hope.

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