I'd Get It Done.

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Wyatt appeals to Hope not to marry Liam, Liam chats with Steffy online, and Bill and Brooke become engaged.

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In Brooke's bedroom, Bill proposes. He knows she can't wear the ring right now, but he wants her to have it. A tear rolls down Brooke's cheek. She worries about Katie and talks about the ring being a symbol of betrayal. Bill reassures her. Brooke says she can't imagine living without him. She doesn't see how these feelings they have can be wrong. They flash to Aspen and when it all began. Bill says the ring is the key to making more memories. Brooke says she'll keep the ring in her safe and will wear it when they're alone together. Bill vows to make her happy. He proposes again and she tearfully accepts.

In Hope's office, Liam works with photos of them together on the computer and recalls close times.

In Mexico, Wyatt tells Hope he wants to share everything with her. "Don't marry my brother." He says the diamond might be on loan for now, but some day he will buy a rock like that for her. He says it was love at first sight for him. He kissed her in the woods and hasn't stopped wanting to do it since then. Hope talks to Liam briefly by phone.

In Hope's office, Liam tells Hope by phone that he's looking forward to her return. After, he gets a message from Steffy and they chat back and forth. She asks about him and Hope and tells him that he and Hope are free to get married now, there's nothing standing in their way. Steffy tells Liam she adopted a puppy and he grins. He takes a call and accidentally emails the Hope tribute video he made to Steffy.

After Hope hangs up with Liam in Mexico, Wyatt continues his pitch for her not to head to the altar with him. He tells Hope he's fallen in love with her and nuzzles her neck. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him. She admits she has feelings for Wyatt, but is committed to Liam. Wyatt mocks their numerous failed attempts and says he'd only need one chance to marry her. "I'd get it done and I'd never let you go." They bicker about why Liam is suddenly so gung-ho, and what if Steffy changes her mind. Hope assures him there will be no more problems.

Donna arrives at her desk. Pam complains that she was supposed to meet her for speed dating last night, and then asks what's the matter. Donna groans that her sister is shacking up with her other sister's husband. "I'm just great." They debate about the seriousness of Brooke and Bill's relationship. Donna thinks Brooke is just finding solace. Pam rolls her eyes. "I bet that's not all she's finding."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Wyatt return with a secret.

Liam receives a request from Steffy.

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