Can't Let You Go.

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Hope and Wyatt see the diamond, Donna and Katie discuss Brooke, and Bill makes a proposal to Brooke.

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In Mexico, Hope phones Liam to say she's staying the night. He's sure Wyatt doesn't mind. She says it was Ricardo's idea. After, Wyatt and Hope discuss Liam and then start imagining the diamond and the publicity. Ricardo arrives. He explains that his life has changed since he's had the diamond; it has powers. They are speechless as they marvel at the blue gem. They begin selling Ricardo on why they need the diamond. He muses about security and receives assurances. Ricardo agrees to let them borrow it and reiterates that the power of the stone leads people to their destiny. Hope says her mother talks about destiny all the time but she's not sure she believes in it. Ricardo says the diamond will make her. Later, Wyatt asks Hope not to marry his brother. He vows to someday give her the diamond.

At Forrester, Liam tells Rick and Caroline he's working on a surprise for Hope. He mentions she's spending the night in Mexico with Wyatt. Caroline and Rick exchange a look. They discuss the diamond and the wedding. Liam admits they haven't set a date yet. Caroline brings up Maya and Carter's engagement. Rick notes that the fashion show is coming up. Liam is sure they'll squeeze in their wedding. Once alone, Liam works with photos of him and Hope online.

In Brooke's bedroom, Bill urges her to let go of the guilt. Brooke doesn't want to change what they've started, but doesn't know how to deal with Katie not being able to stand the sight of her. Bill thinks Katie will stop holding a grudge as time goes on. Brooke wonders who will comfort her. Bill says, "Donna, Hope, Karen...she has a support system." Brooke says, "I can't let you go." Bill maintains that time will fix everything. Bill tells Brooke that he'll never go back to Katie. He asks Brooke to marry him.

Donna finds Katie at Spencer and asks how it went with Bill. Katie talks about the scene she came upon. She says she walked into the bedroom and realized what they'd been doing. She says it hurt so much and she told Brooke she'd never accept them. Katie decides she will focus on her son and the company - she won't let what they do affect her. Donna insists Brooke wouldn't commit herself to Bill - she wouldn't do that to Katie.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam makes a big error.

Wyatt and Hope return to L.A. with a secret.

Quinn wants to make sure her family comes out on top.

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