Romancing The Stone.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Hope tells Liam about her trip to Mexico, Bill and Brooke are surprised by Katie's return, and Hope and Wyatt leave on the jet.

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In Brooke's bedroom, Bill tells Brooke he knows about the annulment from Steffy but doesn't want to discuss the kids. They kiss passionately and make love. After, they say they love each other. Brooke wishes it were enough. She talks about Katie and Will being in New York and wishes they were all in a better place. They agree they need to get through to Katie somehow.

On the Spencer jet, Donna learns from Katie that she didn't call Bill to let him know she was returning to L.A. Katie says she thinks she should surprise him...or them. Donna says Bill was a wreck when she left and Brooke is suffering and guilt-ridden. Katie is irked. "You don't really believe that." Katie says she needs to see them together.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt pat themselves on the back for the diamond idea. Quinn wonders how Liam will react to the trip. She hopes Wyatt gets this chance to be alone with the woman he loves. Eric stops in and wishes Wyatt luck. Quinn and Eric have a flirtatious conversation. In Hope's office, Liam tells her how anxious he is to marry her. Hope says she has to get going - she's off on a day trip to Mexico...with Wyatt. Liam realizes this was Wyatt's idea. Hope tells him about the diamond and how she will bring the credibility. Liam thinks Eric should be going. Hope wonders if he feels she can't handle this. Liam sighs. He tells her to come back to him safe. She assures him Wyatt will be working and goes. Liam enters the other office and talks to Quinn about the diamond idea. She mentions him trying to get their contract canceled. Liam hopes they're successful in bringing the diamond back. She says she believes in Hope and Wyatt. Liam says he believes in Hope.

The pilot welcomes Wyatt onto the Forrester jet. Hope arrives and he calls her 'Beautiful'. He says he's excited; this trip is their own version of Romancing The Stone. They joke and laugh.

Katie arrives at Brooke's house, where Bill answers the door buttoning his shirt. "Surprise." He takes Will. They make small talk. Bill avoids answering her question about Brooke. Katie goes upstairs and finds Brooke making the bed. Katie looks pointedly at it, and Brooke's robe. Brooke says she was going to shower. Katie agrees she needs to - after what's been going on there with her husband.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt and Hope meet with a businessman while on their trip.

Katie and Brooke argue about Bill living with Brooke.

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