Like A Wart.

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Liam and Bill discuss sibling rivalry, Quinn comes up with a scheme for Wyatt, and Wyatt asks Hope to wait to marry Liam.

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In Hope's office, she can't believe Wyatt wants her to wait to marry Liam. He asks for just a few months. He knows there's something between them, and believes she knows it too. He wants time to see where it could go. Hope says she and Liam have been trying to get married for a long time and she wants kids. Wyatt says she could have a family with him, and he's easier to cook for - no tofu. She won't put things on hold. Wyatt wonders if his brother has a clue how lucky he is, and pulls Hope into an embrace.

At Spencer, Bill and Liam discuss the end of Liam's marriage to Steffy. Liam reflects on Hope not giving up. Bill thinks Spencer men are worth the wait. "Just ask Brooke." Liam thinks Hope must be growing on Bill by now. He quips, "Like a wart." Liam tells Bill that Wyatt told him Hope is still fair game. Bill sniffs that it's merely sibling rivalry. Liam asks if he's heard of Cain and Able. He muses that maybe he and Wyatt can work on the brother thing after they're married.

At Brooke's house, she cautions Quinn against thinking something might happen between Wyatt and Hope. "Hope is in love with Liam." Quinn asks doesn't she think it's possible for a woman to love two men at the same time? Quinn talks up Wyatt and how he'll be an asset in the partnership with Forrester. She asks about the line reflecting Hope and her values. Brooke talks about Hope really making a difference. They come back to her relationship with Liam. Brooke says Liam really wants to make her happy. Quinn thinks Wyatt could do the same.

Quinn finds Wyatt working at Forrester and gives him a security pass - the company wants to ensure there are no leaks before the fashion show. She talks about meeting with Brooke. Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope's marrying Liam ASAP and warns Liam might push to get rid of them once they're married. Quinn says Eric won't let that happen. Wyatt says he asked Hope to wait, but she won't. "There's nothing we can do." Quinn says there is. "The Hope diamond." She thinks everything could change for them if Wyatt takes Hope with him to Mexico to see Ricardo and bring back the diamond. Wyatt grins.

At home, Brooke tells Hope that Quinn came by and made a pitch about her and Wyatt. Hope tells Brooke that Steffy signed the annulment papers - she and Liam are getting married right away. They giggle and hug. Hope is telling Brooke about Wyatt asking her to wait when Liam arrives. He wants Brooke to plan the wedding. She squeals, "Of course!" Hope and Liam hug.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam wants a favor from Brooke.

Wyatt introduces his idea at Forrester Creations.

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