Roommate For Life.

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Bill and Brooke discuss Katie's plans, Pam sports a new look, and Maya reacts to Carter's proposal.

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At Maya's apartment, Carter asks her to marry him. "Be my roommate for life." Maya asks if he's serious. Carter muses that they don't have to rush. He adds that if he thought he was a rebound, he wouldn't be doing this - he's confident enough to ask her to wear the ring. Carter says he never thought himself to be the marrying kind, but he hadn't met her yet. "Be my wife." Maya says, "Yes." Carter marvels at his luck, but then curses himself for forgetting to get on one knee. He gets in front of her and places the ring on her finger. Carter says he knew from the first moment he saw her. She observes, "And you never gave up." They kiss and embrace. Carter doesn't expect her feelings for Rick to disappear. Maya's glad to have a man who loves only her. She thought that was Rick, but she was wrong.

At Forrester, Caroline and Rick are working with a model when Pam appears asking if they notice anything different. She's taken off her pearls and is wearing a Quinn necklace. She asks to borrow the necklace for her crochet meeting that night. Rick grants her permission. Once alone, Caroline and Rick make out. They discuss Maya. Rick assures Caroline he's not pining away, but he wonders how she's doing. Rick says to Caroline that his father keeps telling him she's good for him, and he keeps telling himself that he's right. Rick goes, and Caroline looks at the big photo of Maya. Pam comes in chattering about a meeting. She says Rick will be missing it, since he just left for the day. Caroline muses, "That's weird." She insists to Pam that she's not worried; things are going well between them.

At Brooke's house, Bill rants that Katie keeps doing things to piss him off which just confirms it. Brooke asks, "Confirms what?" Bill pulls her into a passionate kiss. Brooke complains about Will being caught in the middle. Bill tells her not to feel guilty. He says he'll have to let Katie go to New York, cool off, and she'll come back soon. Brooke goes on about him being kept from his son. "I don't know what I'm going to do if she doesn't forgive us." Bill warns her that could happen. Brooke still feels responsible for Katie taking off with his son. Bill feels they didn't act on their feelings for so long, now it's time for what they want. Brooke tells Bill she's happy, but Katie is right about their living situation - he's not divorced yet. "Are we waiting?" They undress and make love.

Rick knocks at Maya's door just as she's bean unbuttoning Carter's shirt. She answers, and tells him it's not the best time. He notices the engagement ring.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick tries to reconcile with Maya.

Liam makes a big request of Hope.

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