Enjoy The Ride.

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Bill and Wyatt reconcile, Carter surprises Maya with a celebration, and Bill and Katie face-off at Spencer.

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Maya is surprised to find Carter has a celebration set-up in her apartment. He tells her the web series is doing well and has been renewed for another season. They discuss Caroline being better for Rick, and then toast to moving forward. Maya asks if Rafael is coming to celebrate the success of the show. Carter grins that it's a cast only party. He wants to rehearse too - he wrote an episode. Carter does his character's speech and it sounds like he's talking to Maya. He ends up proposing. "Will you marry me, Maya?" She corrects him, "Scarlett." Carter says he fell for her, not Scarlett. He proposes again.

At Quinn Artisan, Bill tells Wyatt that Brooke helped him see things clearly about their relationship. Wyatt agrees - she helped him to better understand what went on with Katie. Wyatt muses that he can see why Bill fell for Brooke. Bill talks to Wyatt about bringing him on board at Spencer Publications. Wyatt isn't interested at the moment - he's made a commitment to Hope. They discuss the jewelry business being ready. Bill thanks him again for sticking up for Will. "I'm proud of you." Wyatt's glad he reached out. They embrace.

At Spencer, Katie tells Brooke she and Bill made a choice to betray her, and she doesn't have to listen to her now. Brooke wishes she could see this they way she and Bill do. Katie says she never will, and she'll never see her the same way again. Katie tells her she got what she wanted - she should stop crying and embrace who she is. Bill appears. He wants to talk like adults. He asks to come over later and see Will. Katie says that's not possible. She and Will will be on plane later. "We're leaving L.A." Brooke exits. Bill confronts Katie about taking Will away. Katie says she will run the company and have the life she deserves - without him. They rehash what happened between them. She says when Brooke is done with him, he'll have what he deserves, nothing. She scoffs that life with Brooke is a carnival. "Enjoy the ride." She says the day will come when Donna will date someone and Brooke will bat her eyes at him, or there's always Liam and Wyatt. Bill thinks Katie is trying to get a rise out of him. He informs her she will not leave with his son. Katie says she'll be living in New York. "This is your new reality." She adds that there is no question how a judge would rule. Meanwhile, Brooke finds Will with an assistant. She takes the baby and whispers, "The timing couldn't be more perfect." She brings him to Katie's office. Katie takes Will and hands him to Bill to say goodbye. Katie and Will leave. Brooke hugs Bill.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke tells Bill she'll back off so he can work on things with Katie.

Liam doesn't want Hope working with Wyatt.

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