Still Time To Wake Up.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Hope and Wyatt discuss her wedding plans, Caroline pays Katie a visit, and Bill thanks Brooke for talking to Wyatt.

Still Time To Wake Up. image

At Forrester, Wyatt lets Hope know he's not joking with her - when she puts on her wedding dress he fully intends to be the guy standing there beside her. Hope says he's crazy. Wyatt reminds her Liam showed up with tattoos and a mohawk to one of their misfires. Hope won't discuss it. Wyatt tells her it was romantic how they first met; Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty and woke her up. He says there's still time for the bride-to-be to wake up... Liam arrives. He and Wyatt start bickering. Hope reminds them they're brothers. Liam says that's just an inconvenient biological fact. Hope is appalled. She says they need to get along or they're going to have problems with her. Wyatt goes. Hope asks Liam to patch things up with Wyatt.

At home, Brooke and Bill discuss Wyatt. Brooke says it doesn't matter who makes the first move - it's family reconciling. Bill thanks her for reaching out to Wyatt. Brooke says this family means a lot to both of them. Bill decides he'll offer Wyatt a job. Brooke tells him about Wyatt's jewelry deal with Hope. Bill thinks things with Katie and his sons will work out - thanks to Brooke. Bill plans to be very close to all three of his sons. He tells Brooke when he saw her in Monte Carlo, he knew this is how it had to be.

Caroline appears in Katie's office. She says she just saw Bill - in Brooke's bedroom. Katie says it's good to be reminded that she's doing the right thing. Caroline insists she's neutral; she wouldn't anywhere near the guy either...or his girlfriend. Katie sighs. They discuss Wyatt. Katie says he's like Bill but more sensitive. Talk turns back to Brooke and Bill. Katie says she can't forgive them, but she needs to move on. Katie talks about fulfilling her plans on her own terms. Later, Brooke arrives. Katie is actually glad to see her because she has news. "I've made some plans." Katie says she's leaving town on business which will free up her and Bill to do whatever they're doing. She's taking Will and will be gone indefinitely.

At home, Wyatt thinks about his fight with Bill. Bill comes to the door. Wyatt says, "Let me have it." Bill won't. They both admit to bad behavior, and Bill asks to give it another shot.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie has angry encounters with Brooke and Bill.

Katie leaves town with Will.

Carter tells Maya how he feels.

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