In Disgrace.

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Hope and Brooke discuss Wyatt, Caroline offers Bill support, and Wyatt sees Hope's wedding dress sketches.

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At Quinn Artisan, Liam and Wyatt snark at each other. Wyatt accuses Liam of not wanting him to encroach on his cushy set-up. The Forrester contracts arrive. Wyatt thinks Liam hoped to talk him out of signing it. Liam says he doesn't interfere with Hope's business, and warns him to get over the idea that he's keeping a foot in the door by signing the contract with Hope. They get to arguing about Bill. Liam says he has no idea about Bill's marriage. Wyatt says it was a knee-jerk reaction to the idea of a little boy growing up like they did. Wyatt asks Liam if he should talk to Bill. Liam says he doesn't know, and leaves.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Hope that Liam may be upset with Wyatt because of her. Brooke begins talking about Bill not wanting to cut Wyatt out of his life... Hope cuts her off. She complains that Bill is trying to be the puppeteer and is using her to get his version of events out. Sketches of Hope's wedding dress arrive. Hope says she's happy and doesn't want to be mad at anyone right now. Brooke asks if Hope is aware that Wyatt has more than a brotherly interest in her. They debate. Hope says she's living with the only man she wants to see naked. Later, Wyatt arrives with the contracts. He spots the sketch of Hope's wedding dress and says he can't wait to see her in it. She wonders what makes him think he's invited. He says he'd better be - he'll be the groom!

Caroline finds Bill in Brooke's bedroom wearing only a towel. She says she's there to provide moral support now that he's in disgrace. Bill grumbles. Caroline talks about him trying to help her when she was down. "How could I not love you?" She wonders why he's holed up there. Bill says he's exactly where he wants to be. Caroline thinks Bill's jumped out of the frying pan into a towering inferno. She notes that Brooke hasn't kept anything going with any man. Bill says Brooke's luck is going to change, and so is his. They discuss Wyatt. Caroline says she hasn't met him. Bill explains that he disowned him, and why. Caroline thinks they both went overboard. When Bill says he's nothing like his father, Caroline reminds him he threw away his son too. Later, Brooke greets Bill with a kiss and says she spoke with Wyatt today. Bill muses about her going behind his back. She says she merely explained more about their situation, and she thinks he's sorry. She did it for Bill's sake. They kiss.

At Spencer, Liam calls Steffy and leaves a message asking her to reconsider an annulment.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill tries to fix things with Wyatt.

Hope tells Wyatt and Liam how it's going to be.

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