Strictly Business.

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Liam and Hope discuss Quinn Jewelry, Brooke shares her side of things with Wyatt, and Quinn and Katie find they have something in common.

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At Forrester, Liam and Hope kiss and he asks if he still wants to marry her and not Wyatt. Hope explains that she is only collaborating with Quinn Jewelry for Hope for the Future's success. Hope exclaims how exciting the jewelry is. She wants Liam to get closer to Wyatt since they're brothers. Liam wants Hope to admit that Wyatt has feelings for her. Hope says Liam needs to bond with his brother. There is benefit to hiring Quinn Jewelry as they can work things out. Liam seems interested in giving Wyatt another chance. Hope kisses him. Liam says that Hope is romancing him to get her way. She keeps kissing him and says she can wear him down. Liam wants Wyatt away from her. Hope wants to stop talking about Bill and Wyatt and talk about their honeymoon. Later, Hope looks at a necklace and Brooke enters. She informs her she just came from seeing Wyatt. Hope says it's a win-win for everyone that she hired Quinn Jewelry. Brooke wants to discuss Wyatt, but Hope is not interested. She believes Hope has more interest in Wyatt than she claims.

Brooke interrupts Wyatt while he is working at Quinn Jewelry. She asks if Quinn is around. Wyatt believes Brooke came to see him, not his mother. She wants to tell her side of things, as she knows he got an earful from Katie. Wyatt wants to know why Brooke hurt Katie if they're such close sisters. Wyatt says it didn't matter to Brooke that Katie was battling post partum and that she couldn't help herself. Brooke believes Wyatt is missing pieces to the picture. Brooke says Katie kept toying with Bill. That she was insecure. "That explains the cameras," Wyatt responds. Brooke wants him to know that she loves her sister and that Bill isn't that bad and that he'd never abandon Will. Wyatt believes he's blown things with Bill after their exchange. Wyatt wants clarification from Brooke about Bill thinking he was too hard on him. Brooke says Bill and Wyatt have spent too much time a part. Wyatt wants to know if Bill knows she's there. She laughs and says no. "You were hoping I'd be the bigger man." Wyatt responds and adds that Hope hired Quinn Jewelry. He tells Brooke about his feelings for Hope. Later, Liam knocks on Wyatt's door and Wyatt asks if she's there to tell him that Hope wants nothing to do with his mom's company. Liam wants Wyatt to know that Hope only wants to do business with him, nothing more. Wyatt brings up Steffy and asks if things between Liam and her are done. Liam scoffs and shakes his head.

Quinn asks Katie's secretary in the hallway at Spencer if Katie is available. Katie overhears and Quinn introduces herself. They discuss Wyatt coming to see Katie. Quinn says it was no surprise that Katie's seen the same side of Bill she has. She doesn't like being a doormat. Quinn tells Katie that Wyatt went to Bill after hearing what he did. Quinn says Bill wants nothing to do with Wyatt. Katie apologizes for Bill's actions. She should have warned Wyatt. Quinn never wanted Wyatt to know Bill and that Wyatt values the truth. Katie informs her that Brooke has a history of betrayal. They discuss Will growing up knowing about Bill. Katie teases that Brooke has made mistakes. Quinn says she's heard all of the juicy gossip on Brooke. Quinn tells Katie about Hope hiring Quinn Jewelry. She's excited to be working with Forrester and says Wyatt's taken with Hope. Katie's phone rings and Quinn says she should go. She admires Katie's strength as a mother, shakes Katie's hand and leaves.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke sees how her and Bill's relationship is affecting her family.

Liam and Wyatt have another confrontation about Hope.

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