A New Appreciation.

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Thorne and Thomas apologize, Rick and Liam bond over woman talk, and Hope makes a deal with Wyatt and Quinn.

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At Quinn Jewelry, Quinn tells Hope they'd be honored to design for HFTF. Hope says it will be fun. Wyatt replies, "Count on it." Hope explains why she chose their jewelry. Wyatt teases that she just wanted to spend time with him. Hope giggles. He continues to joke. Hope tells Quinn the world is about to know how exquisite her designs are. Quinn thanks Hope again before going to the studio. Wyatt tells Hope she's made him very happy. He wonders if Liam will be a problem. Hope says he'll adjust. Hope puts out her hand to shake on their deal. Wyatt kisses it. Later, Quinn and Wyatt discuss their excitement. Quinn says she why Wyatt's attracted to Hope. She likes how Hope lights Wyatt up.

In Eric's office, Thomas and Thorne tell him and Caroline that they were wrong about the line and Rick and Caroline's ability to pull off a re-brand. Eric sees a wonderful team - he couldn't be more proud. Thomas compliments Caroline on her work. She says it means a lot. Thorne apologizes to Eric for being disagreeable. Eric is glad to have Thorne's voice in the mix again. Thorne and Thomas leave. Eric tells Caroline she's an asset to the company...and to Rick. She says she's got her second chance, she won't let it slip away. Caroline admits she was a brat to Maya. Eric reassures her that she's terrific.

Liam enters Rick's office looking for Hope. Rick asks how his divorce is going. Liam assures him he won't be bailing on Hope. Rick muses that choosing between two incredible women isn't easy - he has a new appreciation for what Liam went through. Liam observes that it's not fun; people get hurt. Rick apologizes for coming off strong in the past. Liam says he was right. Thomas arrives with Hope's choice of jewelry for the line. Liam is appalled to discover it's from Wyatt's company and hollers, "What do I have to do to get rid of this guy!"

Rick joins Caroline in Eric's office as she finishes working with Jake on the clothes. Rick says she came through when he needed her most. They kiss.

Hope finds Liam in her office looking pointedly at the jewelry on the desk. Hope insists she picked the jewelry without knowing it came from Wyatt's company. Liam thinks it's a chance for Wyatt to move in on her. Hope says she didn't think about how he'd react and laughs at his jealousy. Liam reports that his divorce is moving along well. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn and Katie meet.

Katie and Quinn are in agreement about Bill.

Brooke hopes to get Bill and Wyatt back on track.

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