Playing At Being Me.

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Bill and Brooke discuss Wyatt, Rick briefs Hope on his love life, and Wyatt opens up to Quinn.

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At home, Wyatt thinks about his memories with Hope and smiles. Quinn comes in with groceries and tells him again that she's sorry about Bill. Wyatt talks about the hopes he had for being a Spencer and muses that's over now. "Back to being myself again." Wyatt admits he may have overreacted, but Bill's making a big mistake. He thinks Bill should respect him for being honest. Quinn is glad Wyatt figured him out quickly. Wyatt marvels that he thought Bill was a great guy, but he's a womanizer and a jerk. He doesn't want to fit in with the Spencers. Quinn knows he wanted a father, she realizes it's hard to lose him again. Wyatt says the idea of losing Hope is worse. Quinn can't ignore how he looks when he talks about Hope. She doesn't think he should give up. Wyatt says Hope's amazing...and engaged to Liam. He's afraid he won't see her again.

At Forrester, Hope thinks about Wyatt. Rick appears. She is enthusiastic about the line and muses that she could get used to all this attention. Rick tells Hope that he and Caroline are on again. She asks about Maya. He says it's complicated - she left him and the line. He says he blew it. Rick asks about Liam. Hope says everything is fine and talks about Wyatt moving out. Pam ushers in Thomas, Marcus, and a couple of models wearing accessories to go with the designs. They look at jewelry. Hope wants to go with a signature line. She finds some she likes - they're from Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope says she has to go.

In their bedroom, Bill hangs up the phone. He tells Brooke that he keeps getting calls about what Katie is doing at the company. "She's playing at being me." He turns his attentions to the perks of sleeping in... Later, Bill is surprised that Wyatt hasn't texted an apology. Brooke suggests Bill reach out. Bill tells her to forget it, but admits he was a little impressed with Wyatt's actions. Brooke says Bill takes action all the time - it's attractive. Bill grumbles that he hated his father but he always respected him. Brooke thinks Wyatt was just disappointed in him. She feels Wyatt has all Bill's qualities and was just sticking up for his little brother. She reminds him how volatile things were with Liam in the beginning as well. Bill tells Brooke she's good for him; puts things in perspective. He jokes for her to tell Hope not to dig up any more long lost sons. Bill says he may consider reaching out to Wyatt...eventually. They kiss. They debate over whether Hope will still be friends with Wyatt. Bill muses that even when they disagree, it feels peaceful. He realizes she's put a stallion ringtone on his phone for when she calls. He calls her crazy in the best way possible.

Hope arrives at Quinn Jewelry and calls out to Wyatt. She says she's wants them to be the exclusive designers for her line. Wyatt's happy to accommodate her.

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