One Sneaky Sister.

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Wyatt learns more about Liam and Hope's past, Donna catches Katie spying, and Brooke and Bill hope Katie will soon trust them again.

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In Malibu, Hope tells Wyatt he can't keep kissing her, while in the bedroom, Liam lights candles and waits for her. Hope reminds Wyatt that Liam's his brother and is about to be her husband. Wyatt mockingly says he forgot for a second. He says he'll be in the guest room with the door unlocked in case she sleepwalks or something... Hope joins Liam, who asks how Wyatt's doing. She says he's comfortable and thanked her again for finding his dad. They start kissing and he removes her robe and they make love. Wyatt paces the living room looking at framed photos, and then looks up and reads tabloid reports on Liam and Hope's tumultuous past history. Later, Hope tells Liam they're getting married so soon he'll have her all the time. She says she's leaving. In the living room, she's startled by Wyatt as she searches for her keys. He says if she was his girl, she wouldn't be leaving right now; she wouldn't want to leave. Liam walks out as Wyatt watches Hope go out to her car.

At Katie's place, Bill has put Will to bed and he and Brooke discuss Katie being at work late. Brooke thinks she's beginning to trust them again. Bill hopes she's right. Bill talks about his sons and wanting to be there in his home. "I want my family back."

At Spencer, Katie watches Bill and Brooke and listens to their conversation. Donna enters and hears Brooke's voice on the computer. "You're spying on them?" Donna says she's one sneaky sister. Katie replies that she doesn't have to watch. Donna muses, "Well, I am here..."

At Katie's, Will is back up and diaper changing ensues. Bill reminds Brooke she was there the first time he changed a diaper. They joke and laugh. Brooke wishes Katie was there.

In the office, Donna says watching them is so wrong. Katie has to know who if she can trust them. They listen as Bill tries to convince Brooke to get back out there and promote the Brooke's Bedroom line. Donna says they're talking business, and she's leaving. Katie tells her this is between them.

Still at Katie's, Brooke talks about wanting to make things right with Katie. Bill hopes Katie gives him an opportunity to win back her trust. Brooke wants that for them, and tells him about apologizing to Katie. They agree what they did was wrong, but are hopeful Katie's beginning to trust them again.

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Rick and Caroline must work together to save Forrester.

Maya and Rick experience tension.

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