Guinea Pigs.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Caroline continues to manipulate Rafael, Maya warns Carter she has her limits, and a stunning truth is revealed about Wyatt's paternity.

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At the outdoor restaurant, Hope and Wyatt watch as Bill and Quinn lock eyes. Liam tries to get Bill's attention. Wyatt and Hope exchange a look as he and Quinn are seated. Liam asks about the woman behind them. Bill thinks he knew her a long time ago. Quinn tries to get Wyatt to leave. He asks her reason. Liam suggests Bill approach the woman. Bill goes over to Quinn, who pretends not to know him. Bill says she's Quinn Fuller and thanks her for making the sword necklace for him years ago as Wyatt observes. Quinn takes off, followed by Wyatt. Liam asks what just happened. Bill's not sure. Hope approaches Liam and Bill and explains about Wyatt and the sword necklace. Bill says back in the day, Quinn told him she was pregnant, but... He goes after her. Liam and Hope discuss the situation. Liam muses that if this is true he has a half-brother. Outside the restaurant, Wyatt confronts Quinn. "My father's been alive all these years, hasn't he?" He demands to know if Bill Spencer is his father. Bill listens as she admits he is. "I was trying to protect you. You don't know the kind of man he is!" She explains to Wyatt that Bill gave her the money for an abortion and walked away. Bill emerges.

At the studio, Caroline argues with Rafael about using guinea pigs in the web series. She suggests a waterbed would be sexier. Rafael complains this is only about her personal agenda - she doesn't give a damn about his project. Caroline gets her way by pouting that she paid for the bed herself. Backstage, Carter and Maya discuss Rick being supportive. Carter wonders if he'd have a chance if Rick weren't in the picture. She says he's a good guy. He wishes things were different. They discuss the script changes. Maya warns Carter there are lines she won't cross for any gig - it's about who she is as a person. Once on set, Maya asks Rafael why they're rushing things and not playing the romance. Rafael sighs and says they're saying 'I love you' to each other for the first time. They begin. Rafael complains that Maya's not selling it. She hollers that it's like Rafael's two different people. Maya hears Caroline's voice saying they needs lots of tongue. She goes behind the curtain and catches Caroline telling Rafael what to do.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill's true nature is shown.

Caroline has an issue with a leak.

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