Just The Beginning.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Hope gives Liam an answer to his proposal, Bill confronts Karen about her agenda, and Katie tells Brooke exactly how she sees things.

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By the fountain, Liam asks Hope to tell him she'll marry him. Hope breathes that she's wanted this for so long. Liam asks again. Hope says yes, of course she'll marry him. He slides the ring on her finger. She kisses him and giggles. Hope's phone rings - it's Rick. She blurts that she's engaged and hangs up. She pulls Liam by the hand through the garden, laughing at his confusion, until they reach the cabin. Once inside, Liam says their life starts now. They make love. After, Hope thinks of the good times. Liam says this is just the beginning. He calls her 'Mrs. Spencer'.

Karen arrives at the beach house at Bill's request. He says she sold him out; family means nothing to her. She's surprised he's lecturing her after what he did. He says it's sibling rivalry, but Karen sniffs that he never saw her as a rival, he wouldn't compete with a woman. "But now you'll have to, and Katie's going to win." They argue about what he did with Brooke. Bill talks himself up. Karen says he's done good things, and some very bad things. Bill demands to know her agenda. Karen says it's to support Katie, who was emotionally abused by her brother. Bill says Katie is making a mistake siding with her.

In Katie's office, she smarts from the slap Brooke delivered, but reiterates that she behaved like a slut. Brooke angrily says she's in her corner, fighting for her to keep her marriage together. Katie says she's CEO of Spencer Publications and that is not going to change. Brooke protests that Bill will be lost without the company. They bicker. Katie is outraged when Brooke brings up Will. She says Brooke destroyed this family by betraying her in the worst way possible. She tells her to get out and warns her not to try to come back. Katie recalls firing Bill. He appears. She threatens to call security and asks what he wants. "I want us, Katie." She says he had her. They bicker over whether he wants her or the mother of his son. He claims the company means nothing to him, he just wants her back. He'll fight for her, and will win. Katie thinks he wants Brooke. Bill denies it. Katie says he broke her heart; she doesn't see him the same way. Bill won't give up.

Brooke arrives at home and grumbles to Rick about her run-in with Katie. Rick tells her Hope and Liam are engaged. Brooke is thrilled and embraces her son. "This is exactly what we needed."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt and Hope learn there is more to the story.

Quinn sees someone from the past.

Donna runs interference between Katie and Brooke.

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