You're Fired!

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Liam visits Steffy, Hope meets Quinn, and Katie shocks Bill.

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Liam arrives at Steffy's Paris apartment. He says he knew there was more to her leaving and he talked to Dr. Caspary. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Steffy cries. She says she lost their baby, but that's not all. There was a complication from the procedure. "I can't have children, Liam. Ever." He takes her in his arms. He tells her there are other ways to have children, and she's been alone with this too long; she should have told him. Steffy says he's got his answer, now he should go be with Hope. Liam hollers, "Why? Because she can have a baby?" He tells Steffy he still loves her; he doesn't want to lose her. Steffy says they need to move on. She urges him to be with Hope. She'll give him everything he deserves; everything she can't. Liam tells her he's never regretted marrying her and kisses her passionately. He cries as they embrace, and then leaves. After, she runs to open the door, but he's gone. She sobs.

Wyatt shows Hope around Quinn Jewelry. She asks about his mother. He says she'll be there soon. Hope wants to ask about the necklace. She wonders about his dad. He says he never knew him; he died when he was young. His mother said he was self-centered and they were better off without him. Wyatt's mother appears. "Who's your friend?" Wyatt introduces them. Quinn realizes Hope's the girl in the woods. Wyatt laughs that he's trying to lure her away from Liam Spencer. Quinn looks tense when she hears Liam is Bill Spencer's son. She blows off Hope's questions about the sword necklaces as coincidence.

Justin and Bill discuss the divorce papers at Spencer. Katie and her attorney arrive. Bill asks to speak to Katie alone and makes a pitch for working out their conflicts. She wonders if that's what he was doing with her sister. She says she trusted him, and he betrayed her. Katie assures him she won't keep him from Will. Justin and Katie's lawyer return. Bill signs. Once alone again, Katie and Bill are joined by Karen. Katie explains that they've grown close - Karen respects her. Karen informs Bill that since he gave Katie 1%, that leaves him with 49%, so she is now the majority shareholder, and she's made her first executive decision. Katie says Karen reminded her of who she used to be, but she can't do that with him around. Katie informs Bill that Karen appointed her CEO of Spencer Publications today. "You're fired."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie explodes at Liam after he confronts her.

Hope gets to know Wyatt and Quinn better and has more questions about their past.

Quinn isn't a Hope fan.

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