Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Liam calls Steffy, Hope asks about Wyatt's necklace, and Bill appeals to Katie.

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At home, Hope tells Wyatt that Liam's going to Paris to find out why his wife left. Wyatt thinks he's nuts to bail on a woman like Hope. Hope asks about Wyatt's necklace. He says it's a family thing. She says Liam and his dad both wear one just like it. Wyatt explains that it was one of his mother's first designs. He found it in a vault and she told him it was his. Wyatt says she may have heard of Quinn's Jewelry - he helps his mom run it. Hope explains that Liam's dad, Bill Spencer, wears his mother's sword necklace design. Wyatt says his was the only one ever made. Hope wants to ask his mom about it. Talk turns to how Wyatt feels when he looks at Hope.

On the jet, Liam thinks about Steffy and Hope.

In her Paris apartment, Steffy recalls talking to Katie about not being able to bear Liam's child. She answers a call from Liam. He tells her he's on his way to Paris and knows something's wrong. He tells her he spoke to Dr. Caspary, who suggested they talk and he'll be there soon.

At home, Katie realizes that Brooke was with Bill when he received the divorce papers. Karen tells Katie she has a bright future free of men like Bill, and leaves. Katie tells Brooke that Bill cannot fix this, and neither can she. Brooke says she'll regret divorcing Bill. Katie says he no longer has a place in her life, and neither does Brooke. Brooke says to blame her. Katie points out that Bill didn't apologize - he defended Brooke, like she's defending him.

At Spencer, Bill insists to Justin that he and Katie are not getting divorced. Justin advises him not to discuss it with Brooke. Karen appears. She urges Bill to sign the divorce papers. They bicker about Bill trying to buy Katie back with a trinket. Bill rants that Katie is being reckless. He's putting a stop to it now!

Bill arrives at the house. Brooke leaves. Bill tells Katie that nothing is more important to him than her and their family. Bill gets Will. Katie says she can't be married to him anymore. Bill wants her to find a way to forgive him. Bill refuses Katie's request to leave and kisses her. Katie understands his instinct is to fight for the marriage, but it's not what she wants. "The only thing I need from you is a divorce." She wants 1% of the company and for him to move out. Bill leaves.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy comes clean with Liam.

Hope meets Wyatt's mother, Quinn.

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