Missing Piece.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Liam has to find answers, Karen supports Katie, and Brooke and Bill debate.

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At Spencer, Brooke tells Bill not to give up on his marriage. They debate about how much responsibility Katie should take for what happened. Bill goes on about Katie pushing them together. He slams the divorce papers down. Brooke says he will be with Katie and Will - she'll make sure of it. Brooke says Katie is making a mistake and she will help her get past her anger. Bill isn't sure it's a good idea, but thanks her.

At Katie's house, Karen tells her Bill doesn't know what he's losing, but she does. They embrace. Karen vows to be there to support Katie, who is paying the price for trusting her brother. "Now it's his turn to pay." Katie says she's too numb to be bitter. Karen grumbles about Bill and Brooke. She says Katie deserves half of everything. Katie knows Bill will provide for Will, and says Brooke's not her sister anymore. Karen advises her not to let Bill talk his way back into this house. Brooke enters. Katie is appalled that she's there. Brooke tells Katie not to divorce Bill. "You'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Liam is at Hope's house. She tells him Steffy is holding them back. Liam says he's worried about Steffy and is frustrated. Hope replies, "I'm worried about us." Liam needs to know the real reason Steffy went away. He wants Hope to be patient while he finds the missing piece to this puzzle. Hope wonders if he thinks she's sick. Liam doesn't know but he has to find out. Hope questions if she should still wait. Liam promises if he searches and doesn't get answers, he'll drop it. Hope isn't sure she can believe that, but kisses him. He goes. Hope thinks about Liam and Wyatt.

Wyatt is in a place with a jewelry sign behind him. He thinks about Hope and fondles his sword necklace. There is another sign in the building that says 'Quinn'. He thinks about kissing Hope in the forest.

Liam visits Dr. Caspary at her office. She asks how Steffy is doing. Liam says he's not sure; that's why he's there. He explains that she ended their marriage and left town. Caspary admits she saw Steffy before she left, but can't tell him anything.

Liam phones Hope from the Spencer jet. He says he's going to Paris to get answers and asks her to wait for him.

At home, Hope cries and flashes to good times with Liam. Wyatt arrives and asks what's wrong. She sobs that Liam has gone to see Steffy. Wyatt hugs her. She notices the sword necklace again.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope wants more information about Wyatt's past since she is suspicious.

Karen talks to Bill about his choices.

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