Katie's Done It.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Katie makes a decision, Bill calls Brooke, and Liam visits Hope.

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At Katie and Bill's place, she says she doesn't know how much time she has left on this earth, and won't spend a single second being his doormat. She says their son is going to see that actions have consequences and when he grows up he will be a better man. She informs Bill he can teach him whatever he wants every other weekend - that will be his time with Will. They argue. Bill asks why she pushed him into Brooke's arms. He says he slept with her because of the circumstances she created; it never would have happened if Katie hadn't left him. Katie asks how long it took - was she even out of the house before he had Brooke's clothes off? Bill wants to be forgiven. Katie says she's already forgiven a lot, but not this; not her sister and a pregnancy. She cries. Bill thinks she won't give up on them. Later, Katie's lawyer brings her paperwork for the divorce. She urges Katie to get what she's entitled to. Katie hesitates when asked to sign and later flashes to good times with Bill.

Carter and Liam discuss Steffy leaving at Spencer. Carter admits to being very surprised. Liam is too. "Something just doesn't add up." He talks about how Steffy wanted to try for another baby and then suddenly packed up and left for Paris. Liam goes on about how strange it was; she even told him to be with Hope.

At home, Brooke thanks Hope and Rick for their forgiveness - she's likely lost Katie. Hope says they may not understand why she does certain things, but Logans stick together. Brooke decides she'll stay out of Hope's business with Liam for now. Rick asks who the guy was at the party. Hope giggles about the naked guy. Rick has so much to catch up on. Hope fills him in and tells them that Wyatt has the same sword necklace Liam has; maybe Bill's a trendsetter. Brooke thinks Bill would be surprised there's knock-offs out there. Rick goes. Bill calls and Brooke agrees to meet him immediately. She leaves as Liam arrives. He tells Hope that until he gets answers about his marriage he can't move on. She notes he's still wearing his ring. Hope is ready to be his wife, but he's not ready. "What do we do?"

Brooke enters Bill's office. He says Katie wants a divorce. "It's not happening." Bill knows Katie won't give up on him and neither will Brooke. Katie's attorney arrives with the signed divorce papers. Bill tells Brooke, "Katie's done it. She's filed for divorce."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Karen provides support and comfort to Katie.

Liam's decision will impact his relationships with Steffy and Hope.

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