Friday, July 5th, 2013

Liam confronts Hope about Wyatt, Caroline prompts Rafael to show the sneak peek, and Rick becomes upset.

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Outside at the Fourth of July party, Wyatt suggests to Hope that she have a good time with him since that other guy didn't show up. Nearby, the others watch the fireworks. Thomas prompts Oliver to cozy up to Theresa, and Rick and Maya discuss Caroline watching them. Caroline tells Rafael he has to show that video after the fireworks - she has to get Rick back. She cries, remembering when they first said 'I love you' to each other. Liam arrives and finds Hope with Wyatt's arm around her. He asks, "Who's this?" Wyatt introduces himself. "You must be the guy who stood her up." Hope tells Liam he's too late, which Wyatt reiterates when Liam argues with her. Hope asks to speak to Liam alone. She's upset that he ditched their plans to talk to Steffy. There's only so much she can take. She always thought what they had was so much deeper than what he had with Steffy. Hope asks if they have a future? Liam says yes, but he wants to talk about this with her. She tells him to go; she's staying. Liam looks at Wyatt as he leaves. Hope apologizes to Wyatt for being caught in the middle of that. He's not running away. She gives him the short-version of her history with Liam. Wyatt thinks Liam's an idiot. He goes on about her being gorgeous, brilliant, and extraordinary. He kisses her. Suddenly she notices his necklace - a sword.

Inside at the party, the group talks about Carter and Maya's web series. Rafael seems reluctant, but Caroline pushes him to offer a sneak peek. He cues it up. It starts out funny and cute, but Rick looks peeved when it takes a turn toward sexy. Marcus grins. "I've never seen a kitchen get that hot." Carter stammers that he doesn't remember it being that steamy when they shot it. Rick asks Maya to talk privately while Dayzee glares at Marcus who is angling for a cameo.

Outside, Rick tells Maya that wasn't easy to watch. Caroline keeps an eye on them. Rick says he wants to be supportive, but isn't crazy about watching her make-out with Carter. She apologizes for not warning him, and says she understands. Rick muses that it might be different if it were someone else; someone they didn't work with every day. Maya gets upset - it wasn't her kissing Carter it was their characters kissing. Rick goes in to get a drink. Caroline whispers to Rafael that Maya will choose her career over Rick if it comes down to it.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie offers up divorce papers.

Justin advises Bill.

Brooke is not allowed to see Will.

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