Crazy Romantico.

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Bill and Liam talk, Liam calls Steffy, and Rick's party gets underway.

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At the beach bar, Rick and Hope discuss Brooke. Hope's angry and disappointed. Rick doesn't want to dwell on it. He asks about Liam and Hope acts cagey. Maya arrives. She and Rick are gazing at each other as Carter comes in with Marcus and Dayzee. Oliver tries to help Theresa feel more comfortable. Hope tells Dayzee that she's taking it slow with Liam.

At Liam's place, he offers for Bill to stay there with him instead of a hotel. Bill says he's not losing his family. Liam asks if it was a full affair. Bill says it was only one day after Katie insisted they be together. Liam marvels that he slept with her sister... Bill snaps that he was there. He asks about Steffy. Liam says she's not returning his calls or texts. Hope calls. Liam tells her he'll be at the party soon. He tells Bill he hopes things work out with Katie. Bill replies, "And with you and Steffy." Bill goes. Liam phones Steffy.

In Paris, Steffy recalls Dr. Caspary saying she won't be able to have children. She takes a call from Liam, who asks why she left - he knows there's more to it. Steffy says they're getting a divorce and asks him not to contact her again. "You need to move on with Hope."

Caroline and Raphael look at the footage of Maya and Carter on the set. Caroline says it's not hot enough. She wants Raphael to edit it differently. He does. When they're done, Caroline says she's coming as his date to Rick's party to show this scene.

Hope notices Wyatt appear at the party and greets him with a giggle. Hope talks to Thomas about Steffy and Liam, and then asks Maya about her web series. Theresa moves to chat with Wyatt. Maya tells Rick that she invited Raphael. They kiss. Hope tells Theresa how she met Wyatt. Therese enthuses. "Crazy romantico." Caroline and Raphael arrive. She spots Rick and Maya and is sure he'll have a problem with her making out with Carter. Wyatt joins Hope. Carter makes a speech and a toast to their country. After, Maya admits to Carter that she's worried about Rick's reaction to the scenes. Caroline and Raphael reveal to Rick that they know each other and have scenes to show him. Maya interrupts - it's time for fireworks. Hope gets a call from Liam and tells him not to bother coming now. Wyatt appears. He says Liam's a fool and kisses her. "I'm here."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam finds out that another man moved in while he was keeping Hope waiting.

Rick isn't keen on Maya's acting job.

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