Unlucky Doormat.

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Brooke reassures Rick, Katie confronts Bill and Brooke, and Caroline continues to push her agenda.

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In Katie and Bill's washroom, Brooke washes her face and looks in the mirror. Her cellphone rings - it's Rick asking if she's okay. She wants him to pray that Katie and Bill will be alright.

Downstairs, Bill tells Katie she was the matchmaker who pushed him and Brooke together. He says she can't punish him without punishing herself and their son. Brooke appears. Katie tells her Bill wants forgiveness. She questions if she wants to be a person who loves blindly, who's pathetic...an unlucky doormat of a woman. She calls them liars and cheats and starts smashing framed photos while hollering that her whole life's been a lie. She says her post-partum depression was horrible but she did not push them into bed together and is not responsible for their decision. She takes her ring off and screams at Bill to tell her again how she forced him against his will to ruin her life. Katie talks about keeping the house, and the need to say it's the end and mean it. Bill says she's crossed so many lines in the sand he guesses it was only a matter of time before he crossed one. Katie muses, "Too bad it was the one about sleeping with family members." Bill says he'll send for a bag and leaves. "Coming Brooke?" Brooke stays. Katie wonders if she'd planned to keep the baby and had envisioning a tug of war that ended with Katie giving them her blessing. Brooke says she could never be ashamed enough to suit her. She says Katie asked her to take care of her son and husband; she was relentless in making this happen so she could feel superior again. Katie orders her out of her house.

Eric joins Taylor in their bedroom. He says he can only see her behavior today as a response to a history full of pain. He hopes she won't try to justify it. Taylor says she knows Brooke wanted him to leave her. She wanted to marry him. Eric sighs that Brooke was desperate. He asks how she found out about the baby and is stunned to hear she went through Dr. Caspary's files - a criminal act. Taylor continues to defend her actions. They argue about Taylor exposing Brooke and Bill's dalliance.

On the web series set, Carter and Maya aren't thrilled with the dialogue. Maya says the kissing came out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Caroline hisses at Raphael that it's supposed to be steamier. Raphael suggests she leave, but she threatens not to plug the series, and stays. They begin taping the kissing scene again. Raphael, at Caroline's urging, presses them for 'more'.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam wants to know why Steffy left.

Wyatt spends time with the Forrester clan.

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