Break A Leg.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Hope and Rick disagree, Bill comes back on Katie, and Maya and Carter kiss.

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At home, Katie asks Bill what else he's lying about. Brooke insists she only just told him about the baby. Katie says the baby was lucky it never had to love the two of them. Bill brings up Katie taking off her ring. She retorts that he wasn't married to a ring, he was married to her. Bill says if she's looking to place blame, they all played a part, including her. Katie can't believe this - he lied about sleeping with her. Brooke explains that it didn't happen the night he stayed over, but the morning after Katie had been and gone. Katie asks Bill if he loves Brooke. He says he loves his wife. Katie learns they broke it off when she wound up in the hospital. Bill says she was wrong to accuse them. Katie disagrees. "Not wrong, just early." Katie asks Brooke if she wants Bill - she's been alone for a year now! Brooke wants Katie back. Bill warns Katie not to threaten him with 'the end' anymore; she's done it too many times. Katie complains they took the first opportunity to jump into bed and get pregnant. Bill wonders if Katie will walk out the door to 'win'. Katie orders Brooke to go clean up and then confronts Bill about his attitude. He reminds her about Aspen. She hisses that she was sick. Bill rants about her convenient amnesia. Katie hollers the she didn't force him to sleep with her sister. Bill says it's not incomprehensible that it could have happened and asks for forgiveness.

At Forrester, Rick sees Maya off for her acting job. Rick and Hope discuss the revelation about Brooke. Rick feels they don't have all the information yet, but Hope argues, "Like what? She forgot Katie was her sister?" Marcus and Dayzee join in. Rick complains about Taylor exposing Brooke on her birthday and reminds Marcus they defend their own in this family.

Caroline complains to Raphael, on the set, about Maya being late. They discuss Rick. Caroline says he's 'it', and goes to work on fixing his scripts. Carter appears and Maya arrives. Carter and Maya argue as Raphael tries to sell them on the changes to the script. Caroline watches on a screen and grins as Maya decides that even though it's not what she thought she'd be doing, or what she told her boyfriend she'd be doing, she'll be a professional. They do a run through and complain the dialogue's awful. Raphael directs them to get carried away as they kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric and Taylor's relationship is under stress.

Katie seeks information about her sister and her husband.

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