Chow Time.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Taylor spills the beans, Katie becomes extremely upset, and Caroline rewrites Raphael's script.

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At the party, Taylor asks Brooke if she wants to tell them, or should she? Brooke stays quiet. Katie says Taylor should leave. Taylor says, "She slept with him." Bill protests and Katie lashes out at Taylor for her paranoia about Brooke. Eric tries to get Tay to leave, but she refuses. "Brooke and Bill had an affair and she got pregnant." Brooke denies being pregnant. Katie asks Taylor if she's been drinking. Taylor says it's better that she comes to terms with this with family there for support. Katie rants at Taylor, who challenges her to ask her sister if she miscarried Bill's baby. Katie says it's absurd and impossible. Taylor keeps prompting Katie to ask her. Bill growls at Eric to get Taylor out. Katie screams at Taylor that this is an all-time low for her. Taylor argues that the 'lowest low' is that it was when she was in the hospital that they betrayed her. Katie turns to Brooke and tearfully urges her to just say she's lying, and she'll believe her. Brooke sobs and turns away. Bill says Katie's name. She smacks him across the face. Hope pleads with Brooke to say it didn't happen. Katie viciously orders everyone out of her house. Only Brooke and Bill stay. Katie recalls Brooke warning her not to push Bill away or she'd lose him. "You're so sick. You're both so sick!" She repeatedly asks, "How could you do this to me?"

At Forrester, Caroline shows Raphael around the office. He plays the first episode of the web series for Carter and Caroline on his tablet. Caroline's not impressed at the lack of sexiness. Carter steps away and Caroline hisses at Raphael to get Carter and Maya with their clothes off and kissing. She dissects the script and tells him how to do his job in order to build the sexual tension. She takes his red pen and writes in some steamy fantasy scenes. Raphael is amused as she acts out a scenario in which Maya's character wipes dripping sauce off Carter's character's muscular chest. They call the episode "Chow Time." Carter returns and Raphael tells him about the boundaries that will be pushed between his character and Maya's. Carter's all for it.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Rick have a difference of opinion about Brooke's actions.

Bill tries to place blame on Katie after the truth comes out.

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