Warning Signs.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Taylor grills Eric, Katie, Hope, and Donna prepare for a party, and Brooke comes clean to Bill.

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At Forrester, an agitated Taylor demands to know from Eric why Brooke recreated their honeymoon in Palm Springs. "Brooke doesn't do anything without a reason and I want to know what it is." Eric reassures Taylor that he turned Brooke down. History isn't repeating itself, and Brooke is not a threat. Taylor wonders if Brooke asked him to leave her, and muses that she might have been trying to distract herself from thinking about Bill. She goes on about Brooke's warning signs - anxiety, fatigue, even ending up in the hospital. Eric wants her to let it go.

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill discuss the party Katie's throwing for her. Brooke doesn't feel she deserves it. She can't get excited about it - it doesn't feel right after what they did. Bill warns Brooke if she can't get past this for some reason to let him know. He wonders if there's more to her not wanting to go to the party; something she's not telling him. Bill talks about the way she's been acting. He asks if she's having second thoughts about keeping quiet to Katie. Brooke says no. Bill goes on about being honest with each other. Brooke admits she's been keeping a secret from him. She says she's been grieving the loss of their baby. Brooke explains all. Bill gets teary and tells her he's so sorry. Brooke sobs that she wanted to tell him but was so worried about Katie. Bill holds her.

Katie tells Hope, at her house, that Brooke was really there for Bill and Will when she was going through her post-partum depression. Donna listens. Katie tells Hope she invited Liam. Hope says that's fine; they're not fighting, he just needs to figure out what he wants. Katie mentions Brooke again and Donna looks tense. They talk about the party also celebrating all the Logan women. Katie mentions Taylor coming. Hope says it's time Taylor sees that Brooke has changed. Talk turns back to Liam and Hope, who says the party's about Brooke. She comments that her mother always needed a man to be happy, but look at her now!

Taylor arrives in Dr. Caspary's office. Caspary asks about Steffy. Taylor mentions passing along a list of colleagues that specialize in stress to give Brooke. Caspary says she'd like that, and steps away. Taylor wonders why the gynecologist checked on Brooke when she was admitted and finds Brooke's file. She reads and gasps. "She miscarried Bill's baby!"

Katie finds Eric in his office and invites him to Brooke's birthday party. Eric's surprised Brooke is up for that. Katie says it will be fine and he can even bring Taylor.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor lets Eric in on her findings.

Brooke's birthday is celebrated.

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