The New Man.

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Katie plans a party, Taylor learns something unexpected, and Donna warns Brooke.

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At Katie's place, she asks Brooke and Donna what they were talking about. Donna pretends she doesn't remember. Katie decides it must have been Brooke's birthday party. Brooke leaves. Katie tells Donna she's not surprised Brooke tried to take over her own birthday party. She mentions she invited Eric. Donna notes that he'll bring Taylor. Katie thinks they should all honor Stephanie's wish that they try to get along. Later, Katie meets with a planner and tells her how great her sisters are; especially Brooke.

Taylor kisses Eric at Forrester. She says she supports Steffy going away, and tells Eric she's planning a party. She's feeling so positive, she may even invite Brooke. Eric wonders if she's the real Taylor. Taylor clucks that it's the right thing to do. Eric gets called to shipping. Brooke arrives. Taylor notices she's worn out. She asks if it's because of the new man in her life. Brooke says she's not seeing anyone. Taylor keeps probing. Brooke says it just didn't work out. Taylor apologizes for her accusations about Bill. Later, Taylor meets with a party planner who suggests a foam party. Taylor opts for something more elegant. He talks about a tent he just did for Brooke Logan in her backyard; he duplicated her past wedding in Palm Springs. Taylor twigs that it was her marriage to Eric. The planner exits hastily.

At Pam's desk, Eric recalls Brooke re-creating their honeymoon. Pam appears, offers lemon bars, and asks if he's bored with Taylor yet. Eric laughs and says everything's wonderful. Eric heads into his office. Taylor says she just finished meeting with the party planner, who had a lot to say. She asks if he's the 'new man' in Brooke's life, and explains how she knows about the tent. Eric admits he was there, but assures her nothing happened. He insists Brooke wasn't really interested in him anyway. Taylor wonders if he's covering for her. "Is Brooke hiding something?"

Donna finds Brooke at Forrester and warns her that Eric and Taylor are invited to her birthday party. Brooke says it's alright; they had a civil conversation earlier. Brooke says she doesn't deserve a party. She tells Donna that Katie can never find out she slept with Bill and got pregnant with his baby. It would kill her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill wonders if Brooke is keeping something from him.

Taylor goes looking for evidence to back up her theory.

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- Candace Young

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