Go Dazzle.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Brooke quizzes Liam, Maya auditions, and Hope gets kissed.

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In the woods at Big Bear, the formerly naked man from the shower kisses an unconscious Hope and awakens her. He carries Hope back to the cabin. She asks if he always goes around kissing women he doesn't know. He says it was a first, but it worked. He then asks if she always spies on naked strangers. Hope giggles. He asks her not to put the photo on the internet. She says she lost her phone anyway and continues giggling. He wonders what is funny now. She doesn't know, and laughs that things like this don't happen to her. She apologizes for taking the picture as he leaves. He kisses her again and disappears.

Brooke finds Liam at Spencer staring into space. She asks why he's not at Big Bear with Hope. Liam says they decided it would be better if he left. Brooke asks if something went wrong. Liam says he can't stop thinking about Steffy and why she left. Brooke says it's confusing, but she's gone. Liam is irritated by people making big decisions without consulting him. Brooke says Hope is his future. Liam says he needs more than a minute to get his head around Steffy leaving. Brooke wants him with Hope. She's waited for a long time. She urges him to trust that Steffy knows what's right for both of them.

At Forrester, Maya tells Rick she's up for a role in a web series. He's encouraging and gives her a kiss for luck. "Go dazzle."

On set at the web series, Raphael tells Carter he'll be reading with 11 women. Raphael rejoins Caroline and tells her Maya's on her way. Caroline admits she's green, but has chemistry with Carter. She muses that hiring her is the perfect solution. Raphael is less enthusiastic, noting she's using him to eliminate the competition. Caroline warns him to keep her name out of it and leaves. Later, Maya arrives and she and Carter share a laugh over being there together. Carter thinks it's fate. Raphael gives them direction and they do their audition. Raphael loves it and gives Maya the role on the spot. Carter is downcast when Maya enthuses that she can't wait to tell Rick!

Caroline joins Rick in his office at Forrester. She asks where 'Martha' is, and Rick says she's at an audition. Caroline says he hopes she gets the part - he has no idea how much she means that. Rick steps over to the door as Caroline gets a call from Raphael telling her that Maya got the part and has great chemistry with Carter.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill wants Liam to reconcile with Steffy.

Katie revisits her guilt over the accusations she made to Bill and Brooke.

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