Alter Ego.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Rick and Maya bask in their love, Brooke learns Steffy's gone, and Liam talks to Thomas.

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At Forrester, Hope tells Brooke that Steffy left L.A. and Liam. Brooke wonders if Steffy's playing games. Hope says she's not. Hope thinks Steffy must have admitted to herself that the baby was the only thing holding them together. Hope steps out. Brooke arranges for Hope and Liam to go somewhere and tells Hope it will get Liam's mind off Steffy. Hope giggles her thanks. Later, Katie arrives to check on Brooke. They discuss Steffy leaving town. Katie says Steffy swore her to secrecy, but there's more going on than anyone realizes. She tells Brooke she was with Steffy when she found out she can't have children. Brooke digests the news. Katie says she tried to dissuade her from leaving, but Brooke thinks Steffy did the right thing and urges Katie not to tell anyone else. Katie warns Hope needs to take things slow and let Liam process things. She's upset to hear Brooke sent them to the cabin. Brooke says it's the perfect place for a new beginning.

In another office, Liam tells Thomas about Steffy's departure. He's stunned, and asks Liam if they argued. Liam says no and he didn't expect her to give up on them. Liam marvels that she told him to be with Hope, took off her ring, and said goodbye. Thomas feels it makes no sense. Liam repeats, "She's gone." He agrees it makes no sense and is upset that she walked out on their commitment when the going got tough. Thomas thinks maybe she'll come back. Liam feels there's more to this story; he knows it. Hope appears. Thomas exits. Hope tells Liam to clear his schedule - they're going on an adventure.

Maya and Rick wake up together at his place. They talk about how incredible last night was; well worth the wait. They decide to spend the day together. Rick quips, "If you think last night was incredible, wait until you try my omelet." Over breakfast, Maya says he's spoiling her and teases him about being her 'waiter'. He jokes about his 'alter ego'. Maya says he's a keeper. Talk turns to Bill's blackmail. Maya's sorry she almost gave up on them. Rick gives her a diamond necklace that had belonged to his grandmother on his father's side. He puts it on her. She loves it. He loves her. They kiss.

Hope and Liam arrive at Big Bear. Hope's so glad Brooke sent them there. Liam's worried a priest might pop out. Hope says she sent them there to decompress. Liam goes out for a walk and thinks about everything that's happened. Hope watches him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie makes an accusation to Brooke.

Caroline is introduced to Raphael by Carter.

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