A Point For Creativity.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Rick lets Bill go, Brooke tells Donna and Eric about her pregnancy, and Caroline complains to Carter.

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At Forrester, Rick and Maya continue to taunt Bill, who is locked up behind bars. Bill mocks their little prop cell. "Remorse ain't my thing." He talks to Rick about him and Caroline being a merger with potential. Rick's merging with Maya. Bill urges him to see the big picture. Rick pities Bill for not understanding there's more to life than money. He orders Bill to leave Maya alone and unlocks the cell. Bill gives Rick a point for creativity. Rick and Maya kiss.

Caroline has a hissy fit in her office. Carter enters and turns to leave. She tells him if he mentions Rick or Maya she'll scream. She rants about them...and Bill. She tells him Rick and Maya are back on and they argue about Maya's character. Caroline can't let Rick be with Maya - she won't give up on someone she cares about. She doesn't think Carter should give up on Maya either. Caroline quips, "Here today, gone toMaya."

In Eric's office, Brooke tells him and Donna that there is no longer a baby. "I'm not pregnant anymore." Eric says he's so sorry. Brooke admits she was excited about having another little baby. Donna hugs her. Brooke explains that she was at Bill and Katie's house to tell them the truth when she fainted. Donna thinks it may be a godsend for her relationship with Katie. Brooke says there's no longer anything to hide. She implores them to keep this secret. Brooke doesn't want Katie to ever find out what happened between her and Bill.

At Rick's place, he and Maya discuss Bill. Rick vows to protect her; he'd do anything for her except give her up. Maya marvels over how amazing he is and they kiss. Rick loves that she took on Bill alone. They say how in love they are with each other and make love for the first time.

Katie's in bed at home. Bill arrives and gets amorous. They talk about Caroline. Katie doesn't think she should have her uncle fixing everything in her life. She wonders what this is really about. Bill admits he's really trying to keep Karen happy for business reasons. Katie mentions leaving messages for Brooke; she's never seen her have a panic attack before. Talk turns to their dance lessons and they start kissing.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

One couple moves forward together in their relationship.

Brooke works to get Liam and Hope back together.

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