Monday, June 17th, 2013

Rick confronts Bill, Caroline and Maya argue, and Hope wants to reunite with Liam.

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At the Malibu house, Liam marvels over Steffy's abrupt goodbye. Hope thinks Steffy is giving him a gift; the life that he chose. Hope tells him they have Steffy's blessing now. Liam says Hope is like his best friend, which is exactly what he needs right now. Hope always believed their time would come; they can have the life they wanted. She talks about them being together. Liam says he's still a little shell-shocked. Hope can wait until he's ready; she's never been more excited about their future. She kisses him.

At Rick's place, he and Maya discuss Bill setting her up and blackmailing her. Rick muses that it's classic Dollar Bill, but he won't get away with it this time.

At Forrester, Bill is irritated to have been summoned by Caroline. She informs him that Maya told Rick about his blackmail and Rick dumped her. "Thank you Uncle Bill." Bill gets a call from Rick and prepares to be entertained by 'Slick Rick' as he answers it. He's amused by Rick demanding to see him at Forrester. Later, Maya finds Caroline alone; she wants to come to a 'live and let live' agreement. Caroline is hostile, but says she didn't know Bill was blackmailing her. She adds that if she had, it wouldn't have bothered her. She says they'll do what it takes to get her out of Rick's life. She suggests Maya go for Carter. Maya says she and Rick want to be together, so Caroline should accept it. Caroline says that will never happen. She'll send her back to jail herself first. Caroline goes on about Rick having a rescue complex and insults Maya's fashion sense - she's not right for Rick. Maya informs her that she doesn't get a vote, nor does Uncle Bill. She tells Caroline she's superficial and rude. Caroline goes on about her background. Maya notes she's very impressed with herself. Caroline warns Maya that New Yorkers never give up.

Rick arrives at the photo studio. Bill enters and takes in the jail set. Rick says it was Caroline's way to stick it to Maya. He informs Bill the blackmailing of Maya stops right now. They bicker. Rick threatens to fire Caroline if Bill pursues this. He demands that Bill give him his word, man-to-man, that he'll leave Maya alone. Bill says Caroline's happiness is his priority and backing off isn't in his DNA. Maya enters. Bill stands in the jail cell and talks about Maya going back there if she doesn't play by the rules. Rick locks him in. He won't open it until Bill promises to back off and apologizes to Maya.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill gets a taste of his own medicine.

Eric and Donna are asked for a favor by Brooke.

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