Handing Off The Torch.

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Rick kicks Caroline out, Liam talks to Hope, and Katie tries to stop Steffy.

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Hope arrives at the Malibu house to find an upset Liam. He says Steffy's moving to Paris, and feels she's not in her right mind because of the baby. One minute he was married and about to be a father and now it's gone. He can't understand Steffy not wanting to try again, can't make sense of it all. He's stunned that she walked out. He doesn't think she stopped loving him. Hope thinks maybe it was doing what's best for everyone. Liam scoffs; she's out there alone and he's in a fog, how is that what's best? Hope thinks she can give him what Steffy couldn't - the way she loves him. Hope reminds him that he was about to marry her again until he had to do what was necessary because Steffy was pregnant. Hope says, "Our time is now."

Steffy is packing up at the loft when Katie arrives. She tells her Hope told her what she's doing. "This isn't what you want." Steffy tells Katie that Liam and Hope can never know that she can't have children. Katie knows she's afraid... Steffy says it's not fear, it's reality; she can't give Liam a family. Katie can relate to her wanting to run away. Steffy retiterates that she will never be able to bear Liam's child; someone else will do that. Katie suggests she tell Liam and let him decide. Steffy feels he would stick by her while his heart breaks every time he sees a stroller. Steffy says she's changed and she won't pull Liam down with her. Katie insists she's not in a position to make good decisions. Steffy says she's handing off the torch to Hope, who can be everything Liam needs.

At Rick's place, Caroline tells Maya and Rick that she knew nothing about Bill's blackmail. Rick tells Caroline to leave so he can be alone with Maya. Caroline becomes upset. Rick doesn't want to hurt her. He says she's beautiful and fun, but he's with Maya now. Caroline snaps that life at the office will be awkward. She says it won't last before leaving. Once alone, Maya explains to Rick about the condition that she can't see her ex, Jesse, and how Bill got a picture of her talking to him at the nightclub. "I could be going back to jail." Rick learns that Alison and Bill were basically stalking her. Rick holds Maya. He's proud of her. They kiss. Rick tells her they'll stop Bill together.

Steffy is on the plane, crying, waiting to take-off for Paris.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Hope head to Big Bear.

Hope spies a good-looking stranger.

Rick wants revenge on Bill.

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