Free To Be With Me.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Maya puts Bill on notice, Hope thinks about the future, and Steffy says a heartbreaking goodbye.

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At Forrester, Katie asks Hope what’s bothering her. Hope admits Steffy told her she is leaving – Forrester, LA and Liam. Hope thinks this might be her time to be with Liam. Katie worries that Hope is getting her hopes up, that Liam may try to stop Steffy from leaving. Hope is sad for Steffy, but excited for her and Liam and hugs Katie, who looks mortified.

Caroline takes off her clothes for Rick in his apartment. He tells her this isn’t going to work because he loves Maya. He ends it with Caroline.

Maya confronts Bill in his office and tells him she doesn’t have to do what he says. He gets a kick out of her and thinks it would be a shame for her to go to jail. She wonders why a guy like him is wasting time on her. He lets her know if his niece is happy, his sister is happy. And if they are happy, he’s happy. Maya insists she deserves happiness too and that means being with Rick. Bill thinks if Rick wanted to be with her he would have broken up with Caroline by now. He has powerful connections and isn’t afraid to use them. Maya tells Bill to call his connections – she’ll be at Rick’s telling him how she really feels. Bill calls Caroline and tells her that Maya is on her way.

Caroline answers Rick’s door in her underwear and tells Maya they are celebrating her dumping Rick. Maya lets herself in and wants to hear it right from Rick. Rick emerges from the shower and Maya tells him that she wanted to be with him but Bill tried to force her to give him up. But no more. The way she feels, no one can stop.

In Malibu, Steffy tells Liam if they end it now there will be no regrets. She wants him the have a strong marriage and beautiful family with Hope. He is shocked and hurt but she insists she has to do this. She is going to Paris and will be so happy if she knows he is with Hope, with children. He yells for her to stop talking about Hope but she doesn’t. She wants him to have a full and wonderful life, something she can’t give him. She whispers in his ear to let her go. He knows she is a free spirit and he has never been able to stop her but he doesn’t consent to this because he doesn’t believe that she thinks he will be happier with Hope. He knows she is keeping something from him. She tells him this is the way it has to be. She takes her ring off and tearfully closes it back into his hand. They kiss and she tells him she loves him before walking out the door.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy asks Katie for another favor.

Rick tries to reunite with Maya.

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- Hollie Deese

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