Dad Practice.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Brooke works on Eric, Steffy and Katie digest bad news, and Liam talks with Bill.

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At the hospital, Katie and Steffy realize that Dr. Caspary means Steffy will never be able to conceive. Steffy says she promised her husband a child, and now they're telling her she can't. "I'm not hearing that!" Katie figures the D&C was botched and wants to talk to the other doctor. Caspary explains some women have a predisposition to excessive scar tissue; it's unforeseen. Steffy tells Katie not to call Liam and upset him. She won't leave until there's a plan in place to make her whole again. The operating doctor comes in to explain. Steffy asks about reversing this. He says there are a few specialists. Caspary interjects that the results have been disappointing. Katie says they'll need a list. Steffy is suddenly unsure about the rest of her life. Katie embraces her as she cries.

At Bill's office, he nitpicks about Liam having Will on the floor. Liam asks if Brooke strutted her stuff today. Bill says Brooke didn't take off her clothes, but she did lose her head. Bill says it's not like her. He turns his attention back to Liam playing with Will. He thinks Liam's using him for 'dad practice'. They discuss Steffy losing the baby. Liam wishes they could go through it together, but he can't be sad with her because then she thinks it's her fault. They discuss Steffy wanting another baby. Liam is worried about being disappointed again.

At Forrester, Brooke and Eric talk about her situation. He says she's been through worse than this. Brooke muses about whether Katie will have a heart attack and die or just leave Bill when she finds out. She adds that she will be shunned by everyone when the press breaks the news. She tries another tactic with Eric. "What if I asked you for less? Much less." She wants him to say he fathered the child, but not to be with her. Eric says he'll support her in any way he can, but won't do that. Brooke asks him to come and see her tonight, to help figure things out. Taylor enters. Brooke leaves. Taylor gives Eric dinner and mentions plans with Thomas later. She asks what's going on with Brooke, who walked out of there like her dog died. Eric says it's complicated, or maybe not. He says Brooke feels very alone, but they shouldn't let it affect their happiness. She asks what he'll do tonight. He says probably nothing.

At her place, Brooke has recreated the tent set-up from her honeymoon with Eric. He arrives. She says she knew he'd come. "Look familiar?" She says it could be the beginning of their life together again and kisses him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope gives Liam advice.

Steffy wants Katie to keep her secret.

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