Tonight's About Our Family.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Brooke has a family dinner, Hope tells Liam he can choose, and Taylor helps Steffy.

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At Forrester, Hope talks to Liam about Steffy planning to get pregnant again. She says it's how he ended up with her in the first place and doesn't have to happen that way again. Liam says Steffy's in a dark place right now. Hope wonders if he could turn back the clock, would he want to? Liam says he was all about becoming a dad. Hope thinks Steffy wants to get pregnant again to keep from losing him. "I wouldn't trap you like that." Liam says it's nice having her to talk to, but he should get back to Steffy. Hope thinks Taylor's probably there. Hope reminds him that the reason he married Steffy is gone now. She says he will get Steffy through this, but can still choose the life that he wants. "I love you." After, Hope thinks about good times with Liam.

In Malibu, Steffy tells Taylor she wants to give Liam another baby. Taylor says Hope knows that's what she's planning. Steffy whispers, "Why did I get on the bike?" She cries that she was being impulsive. "I wanted that baby so much." Taylor holds her. Steffy tells her that she and Liam need something wonderful to look forward to. Taylor warns another child won't take the pain away. Steffy thinks it would help. Taylor suggests she put her baby things in a memento box, have a ceremonial tribute, and then put it away. Taylor says she's got to forgive herself and let go or it will paralyze her. Later, Liam arrives home to find Steffy crying and placing baby items in a box. He holds her as she sobs over the ultrasound photo.

At home, Brooke tells Donna that Katie can never find out she is pregnant with Bill's child. Bridget arrives. Brooke says her timing is perfect. Donna leaves and Rick arrives. He and Bridget are curious about the spur-of-the-moment family pow-wow. Eric arrives and greets Bridget excitedly. Bridget asks Eric about Taylor. Brooke says, "Tonight's about our family." Eric says Taylor has become very important to him. Eric asks Bridget about her life. She says Logan is thriving and Owen and Jackie live in an adjoining apartment; they're putting Logan's needs first like Eric and Brooke did for them. Brooke laughs that Eric was a wonderful father...and husband. Brooke pulls out family scrapbooks and refers to Eric as her husband. Eric says, "Ex-husband." Brooke tells them they have no idea how much this means to her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric, Brooke, Rick, and Bridget recall the past.

Maya tells Carter about Bill's threat.

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