Not This Lie.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Eric is stunned by Brooke's idea, Katie and Hope talk, and Steffy questions Liam.

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At Forrester, Eric can't believe what Brooke is suggesting. She moons about them giving Rick and Bridget a baby brother or sister. Eric has no desire to relive his younger years, and reminds her that she rejected him before. Brooke insists she can't have this baby without him - it will destroy Katie's marriage and her own life as she knows it. Eric sniffs that no one would believe it. Brooke says they can say they were together when Taylor was on a teaching weekend - they consoled each other over Stephanie and their feelings resurfaced. Eric mocks her. Brooke isn't pleased. He apologizes, but reminds her that he's happy with Taylor. Brooke sniffs that she's using him. Eric says that's what she would be doing too. Brooke feels it's different - they loved each other. She adds that this news would likely kill Katie. Eric gets her to admit she wouldn't be proclaiming love if she wasn't pregnant. He'll do what he can to support her but says, "Not this lie."

At the hospital, Dr. Meade tells Taylor that Steffy's release papers are ready. She believes the best place for her is at home with her husband. In her hospital room, Steffy cries on Liam's shoulder that it will never be okay - she got on the bike when he told her not to. Liam says she loves him and loved their baby - she was just trying to get home the best she knew how. She questions him not getting angry. "It's okay to love me without making excuses for me." Meade and Taylor tell them they can go. Thomas is there and promises to come by the house. Once alone, Steffy questions Liam about everyone feeling sorry for her. He says they care about her. Liam helps to get her dressed but she cries - he brought maternity pants.

In Hope's office, she and Katie discuss Liam and Steffy losing the baby. Katie's worried about all the baby gifts Bill sent. Hope makes a comment about sending back the ring and marriage as well and then apologizes for sounding harsh. They discuss whether Liam and Steffy will stay married. Hope says Liam will take care of Steffy, and then... Katie asks, "Divorce?" Katie warns her not to set herself up for disappointment. Hope feels Liam could come back to her.

Taylor and Thomas are at the Malibu house when the damaged motorcycle is delivered. Thomas tells them to put it in the garage. Later, Liam and Steffy arrive. He warns her about Bill's big delivery of baby gifts. She asks him to go hide the stuff and then spots the motorcycle. She takes a baseball bat to it and sinks to her knees. "I'm so sorry. My baby..."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor provides support to Steffy.

Brooke's reaction to the promotional tour is unexpected.

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- Candace Young

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