Never Take You For Granted.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Rick tries to talk to Caroline, Jesse makes Maya an offer, and Liam shares sad news.

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In the hospital room, Steffy tells Liam she thinks she knows what he has to tell her - she shouldn't have been on that motorcycle. Liam says it's okay and kisses her hand. Outside the room, Meade tells Hope, Thomas, Taylor, and Bill that Steffy will recover. Taylor worries about Steffy hearing the news about the baby from Liam. Bill says they'll get through it together. Hope shares with Taylor about the talk she had with Steffy before she left the house. She offers to leave. Bill says she should stay.

At the club opening, Jesse tells Maya he's changed. Maya says she shouldn't even be talking to him. He says he came into some money and suggests they grab their little girl and get out of town. She tells him their daughter is dead. Maya places her hand on Jesse's and tells him they can't go back. Alison snaps a photo. Rick tells Caroline they need to talk. Caroline thanks him for bringing her. Rick says he didn't bring her. He's frustrated that she won't accept what he's been saying. They bicker about Maya. Caroline still thinks there's more he doesn't know about her. Rick keeps trying to dump her. Caroline asks him to give it time, and tells him to go walk on the wild side if he wants to, but she won't stop loving him. Across the room, Maya tells a persistent Jesse she can't ever see him again. Alison catches up with Jesse and says he did a good job. He protests that Maya's a good person. Alison calls Bill to tell him she's got what he needs. Bill asks about Caroline. Alison says she doesn't look happy. Maya rejoins Rick. She says she ran into an old friend who reminded her how lucky she is to have him in her life. "I will never take you for granted." Jesse, Alison and Caroline all watch as they kiss.

Inside the hospital room, Steffy recalls the previous times Liam was by her bedside. He kisses her and asks what she remembers about their weddings. She recalls Aspen, and says L.A. is coming back to her. Steffy realizes he looks worried and asks what he has to tell her. Liam recounts how she was making her way home and asks if she remembers why he didn't want her riding the motorcycle. She says, "I'm pregnant." Steffy realizes then that she lost the baby. Liam holds her as they both cry.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric is shocked by Brooke's request.

Taylor is there for Steffy to provide guidance and support.

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- Candace Young

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