Impending Doom.

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Bill reassures Caroline, Dr. Meade calls Liam, and Hope talks to Brooke.

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A car pulls out in front of Steffy's motorcycle and she swerves. Tires squeal. The driver of the car gets out and crouches beside Steffy, who is laying unconscious on the road. "I didn't see you."

At home, Liam dances around, preparing barbecue dinner for Steffy. He wonders where Steffy is at and calls Thomas, who tells him traffic is backed up in the highway - she'll probably be a while.

In his office, Bill is on the phone with Brooke. She says she shouldn't have called. He urges her to talk to him, but she ends the call. Caroline arrives. Bill asks how it's going with Rick. Caroline complains that Maya has set up shop in Rick's head - she can't divert him much longer. Bill agrees with her that Rick needs a partner who reflects well on him. Caroline goes on about the situation, and cries. Bill holds her. He says he's confident things will work out. Caroline admits she has a feeling of impending doom. Bill suggests something might happen to change things. Alison appears. Caroline leaves. Bill asks Alison what she has on Maya. They discuss her connection to Jesse and Bill plans to forward information to the judge who released Maya - he'll remove the threat to his family.

Hope joins Brooke in her office. She says she's been to Oliver and Thomas' beach house. Brooke asks if she's okay. Hope isn't sure. She says she ran into Steffy. Hope explains how she came to overhear Steffy and Thomas talking, and how Steffy left, but came back and saw her crying. "She was actually sensitive and considerate." Hope says she sucked it up and wished her well. She explains she doesn't want to fight over something that's resolved; she wants to bow out gracefully. She says that wasn't the plan, it should have been her but she has to accept it. She's just not sure how. Brooke advises that it won't be easy watching Liam and Steffy raise their child, but everything happens for a reason. She says destiny is full of surprises. Hope says she'll throw herself into her line and try to believe she can be in another relationship with someone who really cares, like Oliver. Broke hugs her.

Steffy is wheeled into the hospital. Dr. Meade is on the scene and realizes it's her.

At the Malibu house, Liam gets a call from Steffy's cellphone - it's Dr. Meade telling him she's in the ER.

Liam soon arrives at the hospital where Meade tells him Steffy is still unconscious and is pretty banged-up. Liam goes in, and tears up as he tells Steffy he needs her to be okay, and asks why she was on the motorcycle. He decides it doesn't matter and says she's beautiful. Liam asks Meade if the baby's okay. Meade stays silent and looks solemn.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill brings Maya's former baby daddy to town.

Rick keeps trying to break up with Caroline but she won't let him.

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