Off At The Knees.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Bill helps Caroline, Rick tells Maya what he wants, and Brooke continues to freak out.

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Outside of Forrester, Brooke looks at Katie as she asks her what's wrong. They go inside and Katie tells Brooke she won't take non-answers. "What is going on?" Brooke tells Katie it doesn't happen just to her. "Sometimes I feel like my life is over too." Katie says Donna told her about the menopause. Donna appears. Katie invites Brooke to come home with her. Brooke refuses and rushes out to get air.

In an office at Forrester, Caroline tells Rick she's glad they had this talk. Rick says he's not sure they had it. Bill appears and Rick exits. Caroline asks him how one goes about protecting acquisitions, because she's about to lose hers. She tells Bill all about Maya. Bill decides Rick won't be treating his niece like a friend with benefits. He says Caroline will have to cut the competition off at the knees. Caroline tells Bill that when he walked in, Rick was about to break up with her. Bill assures her she now has back-up and moral support. He shoos her out so he can make some phone calls. Caroline says she'd be glad to have a father like him. Bill calls Alison to get a background check on Maya Levant and orders her to bring in Justin. Soon, Bill gets a call back with the scoop.

Outside at Forrester, Rick meets with his financial guy and then Maya appears. She tells him she stopped by the office earlier but he was busy with his girlfriend. She asks what that makes her - he needs to have an answer. He knows things haven't been clear. They discuss Caroline still being his girlfriend and that the fundraiser was an effort to hold onto him. Rick says he tried to break up with her today. Maya should know by now what he wants. She says she assumed she would be the one getting hurt and warns that if they're together there will be questions. Rick's not concerned. They kiss.

Donna finds Brooke freaking out outside the building. Brooke assures her she's not medically sick. Donna goes on about the change of life and how she's already had her children - it's a new chapter. Brooke says, "You're going to hate me." Donna says no one has to know about Bill. Brooke says, "I'm pregnant."

Back inside, Rick asks Caroline if Bill left. Caroline apologizes for being almost as awful as her uncle lately. Rick says it's not all her fault. Caroline says she loves him and apologizes for her terrible behavior, assuring him it will stop. Caroline wants to ask for a second chance - or anything he will say yes to.

Maya finds Bill in Rick's office. He says he's the in-house psychic. She asks about her future. Bill says she's going to the hell stay away from his niece's boyfriend, Rick. "I know more about you than Rick does, and something tells me you'd like to keep it that way."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Donna feels fed up with Brooke after she confesses she's in love with Bill.

Bill holds the threat of past reveals over Maya's head if she refuses to leave Rick alone.

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- Candace Young

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