Monday, May 6th, 2013

Caroline opens up to Rick, Carter and Maya talk, and Brooke panics.

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At Forrester, Brooke tells her doctor it can't be true. Her doctor confirms it is - she's pregnant. She explains that you can still conceive while peri-menopausal and assures her they ran the test twice. Brooke wonders how this could be happening. The doctor says it's not uncommon and asks her to call and make a pre-natal appointment. She says a late pregnancy can bring tremendous joy. Brooke's expression changes. Brooke keeps seeing flashes of being in bed with Bill, Katie, and her doctor saying she's pregnant. She runs outside crying.

Bill and Katie kiss in his office. They thank each other for playing hooky. They discuss Caroline's fundraiser. Katie thinks it was to impress Rick. They talk about spending more time together. Katie says the rough times are behind them now. She apologizes again for what they've had to go through these past months. She feels lucky they made it through. Bill says they all are - them and Will; their family. "Nothing will take that away from us." Katie leaves and Bill flashes to saying goodbye to Brooke.

In a Forrester office, Caroline tells Rick they raised $100,000. She wants to celebrate. He has work to do. She says there's plenty of time for that and asks if he's proud of her. He wonders how he could not be. They are kissing when Maya peeks in. Caroline and Rick joke around about the guys showing off, and Caroline turns serious. She recalls how Rick fought for her so hard. "I hope those days aren't gone." Caroline makes a speech about wanting to hold onto what they have. Rick compliments her. Caroline says she's scared because Maya seems to be taking him away from her. Rick tells Caroline she's a remarkable woman. Caroline asks him to show her, then, that she still means something to him. She tells him he is her life. Rick says there is something between him and Maya. "You need to understand..." Caroline cuts him off, and says she can't wait to have more amazing times with him. He sheds a tear as they hug.

Carter finds Maya alone in Rick's office. She congratulates him on a job well done and teases him about his shirt still being undone. He notes her mood and guesses she's pondering about Rick and Caroline. Maya tells him about the kiss she saw. Carter admits Caroline comes on strong. He thinks Maya is different and likes to be pursued, but acknowledges that she's laser-focused on Rick. Maya says she doesn't know where that stands - it all depends how things stand with Rick and Caroline.

Katie pulls up at Forrester in time to see Brooke running by crying. Katie rushes up and asks, "What happened? What's wrong?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline goes to Bill about her relationship woes.

Bill asks Justin to find dirt on Maya.

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