Kick Twice If You're A Dude.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Eric and Taylor discuss Brooke, Brooke gets upsetting news, and Eric comforts Brooke.

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In Aspen Steffy and Liam are still debating baby names. Steffy says she and the baby are so happy. Liam hold up blue booties to her belly and says, "Kick twice if you're a dude." They look at baby clothes and agree it feels more real every day - Liam is so excited to be a daddy. He worries he'll be a controlling father. Steffy mutters, "It does run in the family," but then reassures him he doesn't have that gene. Liam is glad the baby will have two parents he can rely on. A delivery comes - it's a 'mom + dad = me' picture frame with photos of Steffy and Liam at the wedding, and a spot for baby's photo. Steffy tells Liam how secure she feels in his love and thanks him. They talk about returning to Aspen on each anniversary and holidays. Steffy suggests they go paragliding. Liam says no - she's carrying precious cargo. He forbids motorcycle riding too. Steffy's fine with it - she's already flying. She tears up with happiness. Liam says, "I love you." She loves him too.

At Forrester, Eric apologizes to Taylor for upsetting her by defending Brooke. She says it hurt. Eric says he wants peace. Taylor says every instinct she has tells her she's right. Eric asks what she said to Brooke after he left. Taylor replies, "It's more what she said to me." Eric asks if she'd keep pursuing this if it weren't Brooke. Taylor brings up his past with Brooke. "She told me she could get you back if she wanted to. Is that true?" Eric tells Taylor he's committed to her. "You are my future." They kiss.

In the doctor's office, Brooke's physician grills her about whether there's anything bothering her. Brooke asks if it's hot in there. The doctor wonders how she's been sleeping and about other changes. Brooke asks, "Menopause? Now? Already?" The doctor says it's nothing to fear - she'll run some tests to find out for sure where things stand.

Brooke returns to Forrester thinking about menopause. She looks at photos of herself in lingerie. Eric appears. He apologizes for Taylor yesterday. Brooke says she's not blameless - she said things she shouldn't have. Eric agrees - it was wrong; the snap of her fingers wouldn't get him to leave Taylor. Brooke notes how protective he is of her. Brooke confides that she's been to the doctor today and is upset. He asks, "What is it?" She tells him it's menopause. He hugs her. Brooke thinks they should rethink the Brooke's Bedroom campaign, but Eric says she's still sexy and alluring.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Donna faces off with Brooke after seeing her in a compromising position with Bill.

Hope sees Steffy for the first time since the wedding.

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