A Lifelong Adventure.

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Steffy and Liam discuss baby names, Taylor overhears a conversation, and Bill pampers Katie.

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In Aspen, Liam proposes the name 'Aspen' for their baby - it works for a boy or a girl. Steffy worries if it's a boy, Bill will expect some variation on William. Liam asks what else is there - Wilhelm? She says, "Wilmer?" Liam prays for a girl. Taylor calls Steffy, apologizes for interrupting, and lets her go. Steffy and Liam go back to kissing and watching Bob Hope movies. She says it's the ideal honeymoon. They discuss the wedding. Liam grins that he expected a dramatic entrance. She jokes that he'll have to wait and see what she plans next. They make love and then Liam goes back to talking about how hot she was on the motorcycle. She talks about him bringing Julia Michaels. Steffy says she knows how it's meant to be now - when it's right for both people. She says it all changed when he tore up the annulment papers; that's when she knew they might end up like this. They kiss and wonder about the future. "A lifelong adventure."

At home, Bill caters to Katie and surprises her with a candlelit dinner for two. She holds Will and notices that Bill doesn't even have his cellphone. He says she's his number one priority. Bill takes the baby, who somehow ends up with Katie's diamond necklace. Bill gives it to her to put on. Will goes to bed and then Bill offers up diamond earrings. Katie gushes and apologizes for losing her way. She says she never should have questioned his commitment - he's been so loyal to her. She assures him she's back - his fearless Katie.

Pam brings Brooke a phone message from her mechanic in her office and then returns to her desk. Lt. Baker is there eating lemon bars and asks to see Brooke. Pam wonders what she did. Baker says he has to talk to her about her car. Pam says her mechanic just called. Baker enters Brooke's office. He has photos of her damaged car and another one being towed down her street.

In the corridor, Taylor approaches Pam who says the police are with Brooke. Taylor listens as Baker grills Brooke about Bill Spencer's car being hidden in her garage. He has deduced that Bill was driving drunk and she covered for him. Brooke argues. Baker wonders why she wants to lie for this man, and says he'll be in touch. Taylor enters. "I knew there was more going on." Brooke tells her to stop obsessing. Taylor asks if Bill spent the night drunk in her bed. Brooke says nothing happened - she helped him by taking him to her house. Taylor nods, "Of course you did." Brooke protests - she was protecting Katie and Bill, but Katie came over and freaked out. Taylor realizes that's why Katie collapsed and doesn't buy that nothing happened between them. Brooke has tears in her eyes. Taylor says, "Disgusting. You did it. You slept with your sister's husband."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric surprises Taylor by defending Brooke.

Brooke receives surprising results from a medical check-up.

Liam and Steffy turn their attention toward choosing a name for their baby and work to ignore what some are saying about their union.

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